Ford’s first over-the-air software update adds Apple CarPlay support

“Over-the-air software updates were previously the exclusive domain of Tesla, but now Ford is using them to add new features to existing vehicles.,” Stephen Edelstein reports for Digital Trends.

“The Blue Oval recently jumped on the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto bandwagon, adding the smartphone interfaces to 2017 models,” Edelstein reports. “But now Ford is going back and adding both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to 2016 models equipped with the Sync 3 infotainment system.”

“Ford says this is the first update for one of its Sync infotainment systems available through an over-the-air Wi-Fi connection,” Edelstein reports. “Owners preferring to do the update wirelessly just need to enable automatic updates, and connect to Wi-Fi. The car doesn’t have to be left running, as long as the Wi-Fi connection is enabled before turning it off.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Congrats, applicable Ford owners!


  1. What is frustrating is that it took so long to get out here transportation wise, All because of the dumb guys in each of these companies. It took techies like Elon and Companies like Apple to get their collective asses together and go electric. We would have been there much more earlier had they fully explored the concept during its nascent stages.

  2. I wish they would create a replacement for Sync for my 2011 Escape, I would even pay to have it updated with something that doesn’t piss me off every time I use it.

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