What pros want from Apple’s new modular Mac Pro and display

“I’ve asked the pros – iOS and Mac developers, photographers, audio engineers, animators and more – what they want from the promise of a modular Mac for pros, along with the display Apple also announced it’s working on,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac.

“If you ask the pros, most seem to agree they’d be happy if Apple just returned to the old ‘cheese-grater’ tower that long served them well before the current design introduced in 2013, although with a smaller and more modern implementation,” Kahn reports. “Most are hoping for standard slots for upgradable components that aren’t just limited to few Apple-approved options.”

“Pros don’t all want the same things, but it’s quite clear after talking to them that truly upgradeable CPUs and GPUs will be a must,” Kahn reports. “We also heard a few other interesting thoughts and feature requests beyond upgradeable components.”

Tons more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple should include an apology from Tim Cook and every upper level manager responsible for the last 4+ years of stupefied inaction inside every box.

Back in 2013, when Apple said the new Mac Pro was “stunning,” little did anyone know they were referring to themselves.

Here’s hoping Apple’s properly chastened by their painfully obvious mismanagement of the desktop professional Mac and they do actually deliver a user-extensible Mac Pro instead of another dead-end vanity project. If Apple fails here again, it’ll be the last straw for professionals who need powerful, expandable, configurable Macintosh computers.MacDailyNews, May 8, 2017

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  1. Missed opportunities. In the absence of new Macs, people are salivating the over-priced crippled junk that is Windows on an beneath the Surface. Many are already considering the Surface for their next purchase because they’ve lost faith in Apple. Then again, people have short attention spans. Apple needs to really deliver- quickly.

  2. Apple doesn’t care. The Mac is dead to them. All they care about is disposable electronic gadgets that need to be replaced every one to two years.

    And this makes me very sad. I miss the Mac being king and cutting edge. Sure it cost more, but was worth it because it had a lower total cost and it was more productive. Those days are gone.

    1. If what you say is true, then Apple is dead to me.

      It is true that everything Cook has done has ignored the contributions of the Mac and pushed fashion accessories and consumer software instead.

      However, with the iPad faltering badly and the iPhone seeing its saturation point, and with a significant number of Mac users hollering for some attention, maybe somebody at Apple has finally realized that the Mac remains vital to the company’s overall health in the long run. The Mac business is just as big as Services and bigger than the “Other” bundle. It would be dramatically bigger than both if Apple would simply get with the times. Performance, versatility, and price on Macs are all badly out of whack. There is no better time to recover than now.

  3. I can’t help but wonder, if Apple resurrected the Power PC chip design and applied all they have learned from making the performance leading A series chips, which are themselves, correct me if I’m wrong, based on PPC tech, what kind of Intel arse kicking high performance, miserly power consuming CPU they could produce.
    Whatever the shortcomings of the AIM alliance in advancing the PPC, that architecture always seemed more efficient and reliable.

    1. The shortcomings were… No mobile equivalent. G5 had been in existence for awhile, and the laptops were still limping along with marginally improved G4’s. They weren’t even interested in creating mobile chips as only Apple would buy them and there wasn’t enough business in it for them.

  4. As I argued before if they made best in category machines right through their line (like when Jobs had Photoshop shootouts of Macs vs Windows PCs and PC magazine listed Macs as fastest Windows Machines — via bootcamp ) , Pro, laptop, entry level, gaming rig, they will sell a lot.
    (beside the MP, there other Macs that need upgrades now)

    Get the best machines (like iPhones are the best) and even some Windows people will buy them to load Windows and get introduced to MacOS. (Talking about iPhones would we tolerate iPhones HALF the power of Samsung devices? Or use 2013 components like the Mac Pro? A half powered iPhone with a poor screen is ‘good enough’ to make phone calls etc and satisfy 80% of the population — the argument some people make for ‘barely good enough’ Macs being OK — but I think making the best is Apple’s real strength. Maybe low Mac Unit sales due to low specs, a self inflicted problem… )

    Msft. has moved hundreds of millions of copies of Win 10 and say their aim is one billion. There is plenty of market share for Apple to gain if they can entice switchers.

    More market share = more developers (some key apps like 3D Max is Windows only now).

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