Apple buys Beddit, a company with an Apple Watch sleep-tracking app

“Apple has acquired an app and sleep monitoring device called Beddit,” Christina Farr reports for CNBC.

“Beddit has updated the privacy policy on its website to state that it has been acquired, although the terms of the deal are not yet clear,” Farr reports. “The previous page that linked to Beddit’s Apple Watch applications appears to have been taken down.”

“Sleep-tracking is an intriguing potential health application for the Apple Watch, as it explores new use-cases in the health and wellness market,” Farr reports. “An estimated 50 to 70 million US adults have sleep or wakefulness disorders, according to the CDC.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Improved Apple Watch battery life coming – or is Apple prepping another health-related wearable? Perhaps a simple sleep-tracking band you wear to bed while your Apple Watch charges?

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  1. Cool! I have this device. Been using it for about a year. It’s a thin tape like sensor that you put on your mattered pad, then your sheet over it. It is positioned horizontally at heart level when sleeping. It uses Balisticgraphy to sense breathing, heart rate and body movement.

    It’s pretty dam accurate. Nothing to wear. Bluetooth to the phone app.

    1. With a bit of checking numbers, yes.
      Normally you tell the app you are going to sleep once you are done reading, watching TV or what ever. It then records start time, time to fall asleep, restless sleep, good sleep, awake periods, left bed, back in bed and time you got up in the morning.

      If you turned it on for sex and made a note of what time, then the next day you could look up your heart rate in Apple’s Health app during that time and get that data. I have not tried this. I didn’t what to “screw” up my sleep stats.

      One other thing, your significant other would need to be on top.

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