How to share calendars in macOS Sierra

“With macOS Sierra you can share calendars with others who have iCloud accounts,” Dennis Sellers writes for Apple World Today.

“You can also choose whether others can edit the calendar or only view it,” Sellers writes. “If you also use iCloud Family Sharing, a Family calendar automatically appears in the iCloud calendar list. Everyone in your Family Sharing group can view and update the same Family calendar.”

Sellers writes, “To share a calendar place the pointer over the calendar’s name in the calendar list, then click the Share Calendar button.”

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MacDailyNews Take: That family calendar is beyond useful. Teh busier the family, the better it works!

Learn how to set up Family Sharing here.


  1. I updated to 10.12.4 and all my events (hundreds over several years) were gone.

    I was not using time machine and had not exported before update. Never happened before with any other updates, ever.

    Restored from several different dates within iCloud which restored the calendars I had created, still, all my events were gone. I was using iCal as a personal journal of chroniogical appts, meetings, etc.

    I’ve already expressed my disappointment with Apple. I believe this is a known issue, at least now it is.

    This has been a major disappointment that I wasn’t expecting. None of my contacts or bookmarks were deleted. I can’t believe a failure of this import could slip through this company’s fingers, not Apple but, it did.

      1. There is one problem. But it is not the only problem. Once upon a time Apple’s OS updates were rock solid. Now they can be as flaky as Windows.

        Ical is amateurish compared to the competition. Most people need to share calendars at least occasionally with people who are not iCloud subscribers and not Apple users. Didn’t anyone in Cupertino think of that?

  2. Step one: install Office for the Mac.
    Step two: set up Outlook, a professional level calendar and email client
    Step three: share with anyone on any computing platform

    No iCloud subscription needed.

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