Cleaning out your iPhone to free up storage space

“It seems the more storage space we get on our iPhones, the quicker they fill up,” Jeff Byrnes writes for AppAdvice.

“As our devices grow more powerful, the things that take up space expand as well,” Byrnes writes. “It’s gotten to the point that Apple doesn’t even make a 16GB model for its latest iPhones, but we still struggle with running out of room.”

“Let’s take a look at some ways you can reclaim that storage space so you have more room for apps, photos, videos, and random memes from the internet,” Byrnes writes. “With these tips, you can reclaim quite a bit of storage space.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Use iCloud to your advantage.


  1. Article starts by suggesting lots of iCloud storage. If that’s your thing, okay, but I want my stuff on my device(s). Period.

    Next suggestion is Google Photos. I’m out…

  2. After connecting my Phone 5s to my MacBook using a charging cable, I used iTunes to restore from backup and recovered 1GB of available storage. Then I restored the iPhone to factory settings before reinstalling everything from backup and recovered another 5GB of available storage. It’s worrisome that the iOS had evidently allowed 6GB of storage to be taken up unnecessarily.

  3. Would be great to have the ability to store iMessages up on iCloud and not on the device. Especially the videos and photos. Or at least a one button activation of offloading the storage hogging non-text aspects of iMessage.

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