Apple’s up to something in Hollywood, but no one knows what – not even Apple

“Apple is undeniably at work on a future in which it produces original movies and TV shows on the level of fellow tech titans Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. The evidence can’t be denied: Top Apple brass have been taking meetings with agencies and producers, lurking at film festivals, recruiting key executive talent and lining up major office space in Los Angeles,” Saba Hamedy reports for Mashable. “It’s almost time for Apple’s close-up. But that doesn’t mean the tech giant is necessarily ready for it.”

“Apple has dabbled on the fringes of entertainment for years, and is finally launching its first two original reality shows — Planet of the Apps and a Carpool Karaoke spinoff — this spring,” Hamedy reports. “But its overall programming strategy remains unclear, several people in the industry have told Mashable.”

“Even internally, Apple isn’t sure what it will focus on — or who’s going to be in charge,” Hamedy reports. “‘As of right now, there isn’t a structural approach,’ a person in the industry familiar with Apple’s early programming efforts said. ‘There’s been a little bit of a moving target as to what exactly their plan is.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Same as it ever was. Cupertino’s Keystone Cops captained by Eddy Cue.

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  1. It is a good thing they were not in a hurry. By the time Eddie Clueless Cue gets his hand out of his pants everybody but Walgreens will be offering a streaming video service. Apple could have gone or go many ways, but take a look at just one they could have easily done:

    Comcast would have given them
    1 The largest broadband ISP in the US.
    2 Universal Studio with a huge library of content both film and TV.
    3 The NBC and Telemundo broadcast networks along with a string of TV stations in major markets.
    4 A collection of Cable/satellite entertainment properties including USA, Bravo, SyFy, Chiller, The Golf Channel, NBC Sports Channel.
    5 A collection of news/information channels including MSNBC, The Weather Channel and CNBC- which is a worldwide property.
    6 A 30% ownership stake in Hulu.
    7 Huge production facilities in both Los Angeles and New York
    8 A significant collection of intellectual property.
    9 A significant collection of server capacity and private fiber network
    10 The ability to unilaterally change a major cable operator from the current technical model to an all IPTV model centered on the Apple TV or other device.

    All in one package that they could slice up and spin off of sell as they saw fit.
    The market cap at this writing is 185 Billion +/-.

    Why negotiate when you can own?

    1. I agree with your sentiment of why negotiate when you can own. Apple’s current corporate culture however seems to be running in the “own the idea/design and outsource production/manufacturing” line. Purchasing Comcast would run counter to that in so many ways Apple is not used to dealing with and could literally end up a train wreck regardless of how much money Apple could throw at it.

      The idea of slicing and spinning off portions of the company is interesting but I can see opposition to that in doing so would make Time-Warner/Spectrum a huge monopoly.

      1. They could flip the cable model on it’s head by changing Comcast from Cable TV technology to IPTV and use Apple TVs or something similar as a front end instead of a cable box. That also opens up huge capacity as the bandwidth devoted to cable could be flipped to ISP services. By keeping it they become the largest wired ISP in America, or after shifting the business model could spin it off or sell it.

        Hulu is 30% Comcasts, but selling that interest off to the other partners would not be difficult. Disney and Fox each own 30% and Time-Warner only has 10%. Hulu is also prepping a streaming service- now in Beta.

        The Studios are huge in both the library and the owned production facilities. Universal has a massive library of both TV and Film.
        Through NBC you get another set of studios in Burbank and 30 Rock in NYC.
        Through Comcast you get a very valuable ISP, plus huge backbone and server farms for content delivery. Keep them or sell them.
        The stable of TV networks and Cable Channels is significant. CNBC is worldwide and is highly profitable.

        With imagination, they could go quite a few different ways and they certainly have the money to do it. Comcast gives them the pipes, the IP, the production facilities, OTA & Cable Channels and an interest in a streaming service. No other company has such broad and deep reach.

        1. I don’t doubt that it would be profitable to sell. My point was that should Apple after buying Comcast attempt to dismantle too much of it, it would leave only one ‘giant’ in the form of TWC/Spectrum. As such Apple may be pressured to not dismantle at all.

          In the case of using Apple TV as the cable box, based on the bill(s) that are pressuring cable companies to allow 3rd party boxes, Apple as the new ‘giant’ competitor to TWX/Spectrum may be forced to allow and be compatible with non-Apple TV cable box alternatives.

          I’m sure they could go far with it but based on what they are doing with their own product lines these days I don’t hold too much hope for a successful synergy.

  2. They could buy Disney. They could buy Paramount Pictures. They probably won’t do either and instead will form their own production arm. They went into Radio. Does anyone listen to Beats One?

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