Apple fights against ‘right to repair’

“Apple sees climate change as a problem that can be ‘solved’ through new technologies,” Arielle Duhaime-Ross reports for VICE News. “Because of this — and it’s obvious need for continued profits — Apple continues to reject the idea that the company could meet its environmental goals sooner if it made its products last longer, and gave its customers the ability to easily repair them on their own.”

Apple’s Vice President of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives Lisa Jackson “also defended Apple’s history of making products that are hard to repair. Allowing customers to repair Apple products themselves ‘sounds like an easy thing to say,’ she said. But ‘technology is really complex; it is sophisticated to make it work, to ensure that you have security and privacy, [and] that somebody isn’t giving you bad parts,” Duhaime-Ross reports. “Because of this, Apple won’t be taking a ‘right to repair’ approach to meeting its environmental goals. ‘All those things mean that you want to have certified repairs,’ Jackson said. ‘I think trying to pretend that we can sort of make it easy to repair the product, and that you get the product that you think you’re buying — that you want — isn’t the answer.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote last month:

Using authorized channels is the only way to ensure you are getting genuine Apple parts and that the repair will be done to the right specifications. With so many second-hand smartphones, for example, being sold and re-sold, how are buyers to know their battery is the genuine part and that it was correctly installed? How safe are would these smartphones be to have on airplanes, for example?

Certainly it can be dangerous to mishandle/damage lithium batteries during DYI repairs and the results can injure not just the repairer.

What if somebody’s half-assed DIY battery installation burns down an apartment building at 3am or sets fire to a plane in flight? When even Samsung can’t fix their own batteries correctly, we doubt every single Joe and Jane Sixpack would be able to manage a perfect battery installation every single time. It only takes one mistake to cause a tragedy.

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