Apple CEO Cook chides President Trump Counselor Kellyanne Conway over ‘alternative facts’

On Tuesday evening, “Apple CEO Tim Cook accepted the Free Expression Award at the Newseum in Washington D.C.,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “At the event, Cook was presented the award and made brief comments on what it means to him and Apple, as well as touching on the importance of companies taking a stance.”

“Cook was chosen for the award because of how he has used his spotlight to ‘take a public stand on major societal issues’ such as racial equality, privacy, climate change, education, and LGBT rights,” Miller reports. “Upon accepting the Free Expression award, Cook thanked Washington Post CEO and publisher Fred Ryan for the honor, explaining that he’s accepting it on behalf of everyone at Apple. Cook went on to address the idea of the freedom of speech.”

Apple’s CEO also took a swipe at U.S. Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, saying, “‘We must be open to alternative points of view, not alternative facts,'” Miller reports.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Tim Cook sure is racking up the societal awards. Just like Steve Jobs… oh, wait.

On that note, we now present to Apple CEO Tim Cook the Trophy for Misplaced Priorities:

The Misplaced Priorities Trophy
The Misplaced Priorities Trophy

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    1. Cook: “We must be open to alternative points of view, not alternative facts.”

      Benjamin Frankin: “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” and my favorite, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

      botvinnik: no quotable quips whatsoever

  1. Yeah, I sure wish Tim could be more like the people that run Google and Facebook.

    Those guys have their priorities and heads screwed on straight. They don’t worry about old-fashion values or standing up for lame-ass, out-of-date concepts like data confidentiality and the right to privacy from government and corporate prying eyes. Those are losing propositions. A company should be willing to cheat and lie to its customers and to use a customer’s personal information any way they like in order to grow the bottom line.

    Free the Corporations of America! Stop worrying about the customers and their rights! Come on, Tim, enough with the goody-two-shoe show. This isn’t 1984 you know. We want more profits!


  2. Look, Steve had a social conscience but he also had technological vision whereas Tim Cook has dollops of the first and severely lacks the second.

    I really did try to respect Tim Cook but as an Apple CEO he is really below par. I think one example may suffice and that is the Apple Mac Pro debacle. To get to the stage where Apple Mac users are screaming for an update year after year and then the company head is forced to make a huge (but deserved) mea culpa was simply beyond the pale.

  3. Wonderful! I am so glad he got the award. And I will think about the award when I am not thinking about how I can duplicate the threatened Apple Ecosystem with Android and Windows app.

    1. Yeah really. Shame on MDN for supporting OUR president and encouraging the CEO of a public company to focus on his product line, customer experience, and delivering products and profits when he says he will.

      This is how it should really work:
      -A CEO should really use their power to advance their owner political agenda and the social opinions/causes they deem as “progressive” and ignore the execution of their business priorities.
      -A President should really just talk about things and never really do anything. We certainly don’t want them to stand for anything bigger than themselves..liberty, shmiberty…
      -A media Company like MDN should relentlessly bash the President because it sells media and catches eyeballs, selectively avoiding anything good the President may be doing.

      If only…

      1. Sounds like you think all those libtards in 1776 should have continued to blindly support King George no matter what an inept and crass buffoon he was.

        It is every citizens duty to fight for liberty and justice. If that means criticism for the president, so be it. Thus far Trump has promised everything under the sun but has filled his administration with the most ignorant and corrupt appointees in recent history, has offered zero transparency of his business dealings which his nepotistic children continue to run from inside the White House, and inbetween golf matches is making a mockery of what used to be an honorable post. As he attempts to isolate the USA and piss off former allies, modern Rome will crumble even faster than it did under the last 50 years of corrupt partisan idiot leaders.

  4. Why wont he just stick to the busness at hand…

    If he wants to be a polotician or get into socilal advocacy and activism … then just freaking quit and move on.. and let someone else with “laser sharp focus” (your words Tim , remember ) take on the postion.

    But admittedly, i have no clue who that person could be?
    So i guess, for now, i have to swollow this shit until a better alternative comes along.

  5. I don’t come here to read anti-Cook propaganda and negative comments about him – mostly in some way related to him being gay. I also don’t come here to hear how great Trump is and how out of touch the rest of the world is. There are other Mac news sites that don’t attempt to create controversy as does MDN. I think I’ll be hanging out on them from now on. MacDailyNews is history for me.

  6. Here we go again, Timmy on his social issue high horse under the Apple umbrella. Damn Apple, get rid of this idiot before he destroys this company. He should stick to coming up with new upgrades to old computer hardware and not social issues. That should be done on his own time. There are a lot of shareholders who do not hold his views and would not like this to happen on their dime. Time to dump Timmy!!!!

  7. I am one that has been directly affected by Apple not investing time on the Mac desktop. But MDN take is shortsighted and shallow. In 50 years, nobody is going to care about the 2013 MacPro, but we sure will be talking about the stance that Apple took during these “Alternative Fact” years.

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