Switching from an iPhone 6s to an iPhone SE

“The volume and power buttons on my iPhone 6s stopped working, so for various reasons I decided to try replacing it with an iPhone SE,” Michael Tsai blogs. “It’s been great.”

“The iPhone SE is much more comfortable in the hand, and especially in the pocket,” Tsai writes. “Part of the improvement is because it’s smaller and lighter itself. But the SE’s less slippery and sharp shape means that I can use it without a case. This brings the weight down from 6.6 oz. to 4.0 oz., which feels like a big difference. The iPhone 6s’s weight never bothered me, but now that it’s gone I prefer it that way. Plus, there’s no dust stuck between the edges of the screen and the case.”

“I thought I would miss the larger screen, but I don’t. Perhaps this is because a few months ago I started using a Kindle again, so I’m no longer doing extended reading on my phone,” Tsai writes. “The final area where the iPhone SE feels better is the buttons. The layout with the power button on the top just seems more natural and less confusing, and the volume buttons feel better and are easier to find by touch.”

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Versus our iPhone 7 Plus units, we love everything about the iPhone SE except for its small display, slower A9 chip, lack of Taptic Engine, lack of wide color display, lack of Portrait Mode, lack of OIS for video, lack of optical zoom, lack of FaceTime HD camera, lack of auto image stabilization, lack of LTE Advanced, lack of Barometer, and the absence of a Jet Black option. But it does feel great in the hand.


  1. I switched up to a 64GB SE from my 16GB iPhone 5S because I prefer the size. I’m not watching movies, constantly texting or posting on FB like many people I know & see, the display is fine for my needs. Plus it fits easily in my hand and comfortably in my pant pocket. I hope Apple continues with the SE!

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