Apple’s cheese grater Mac Pro was flexible, expandable, and powerful – imagine that

“As we learned this week, the 2013 trash can Mac Pro is going to … well … the trash can,” Stephen Hackett writes for 512 pixels. “Apple has promised a new ‘modular’ Mac Pro for sometime after 2017.”

“In the light of this news, I thought it would be interesting to look back a model, to the ‘cheese grater’ Mac Pros Apple sold from 2006 until 2013. It was a flexible, expandable, powerful desktop computer,” Hackett writes. “Imagine that.”

“The Mac Pro was introduced at the tail-end of the Mac’s transition to Intel chips back in 2006. It was designed to replace the Power Mac G5, which had been serving pros for several years,” Hackett writes. “The Mac Pro used the same external case, complete with the cheese grater look on the front and back, but the inside was all new…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Did Apple lose the plans for the cheese grater? Is that why they can’t rev production back up, insert recent vintage processors, etc. and get something this year for the long-sufferring Mac-using professionals who remain on the platform instead of dangling the nebulous “not this year” for the all-new “modular” Mac Pro?

We bet Dell, HP, Lenovo, or virtually any other non-lazy computer maker would not take a year or more to GTF to work on a solution.

Six months. Max. Thats what this should take. That’s what this would take were Steve still here (of course we wouldn’t be in this situation, 3+ years down the road, if Steve were here).

All of the grief that Apple’s getting over this FUBAR Mac Pro debacle is well deserved.

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  1. “We bet Dell, HP, Lenovo, or virtually any other non-lazy computer maker would not take a year or more to GTF to work on a solution.”

    Very bad, MDN.

    Taking their time to do things just right is why Apple is Apple.

    They screwed the trashcan Pro, this does not mean they must screw the new stuff like in a domino game just to hurry up.

  2. Apple jumped the shark a long time ago … Now they are “experts” at taking away features and functions you want and giving you features and functions that “they” have decided you want and need.

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