Apple AirPods are proliferating rapidly

“After I tried out AirPods at Apple’s big launch event last September, I said I couldn’t see a future where they become as ubiquitous as their white-cabled earphone predecessors,” Pete Pachal reports for Mashable. “That future is easier to see today. Technically I was correct — AirPods aren’t everywhere — but I have to admit I see them around much more than I thought I would, just seven months after Apple first announced the product. Their fast-growing presence in the world is even more remarkable considering they didn’t even get to store shelves until just before Christmas.”

“I live and work in the New York City area, and it’s the rare day when I don’t see at least one pair of Apple’s white, wireless earphones dangling from someone’s ears on the subway, in a deli lineup, or just on the street,” Pachal reports. “My Mashable colleagues say the same thing: Most agree they tend to see men wearing them much more often than women, but that could simply be because longer hair tends to obscure AirPods’ existence (since there are no telltale cables).”

iPhone 7 with Apple's AirPods
iPhone 7 with Apple’s AirPods

Pachal reports, “Here we are, hurtling toward an AirPod future, with Kristen Stewart leading the charge (pun kinda intended).”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Somewhere in our memory banks, we remember the story of how Steve Jobs realized iPod was going to be huge: When, on a trip (perhaps to a Macworld Expo) he saw people with dangling white Apple iPod earphone cords all over New York City.

(Please correct our hazy recollection if need be and remind us of the source if you know it!)

AirPods are a huge success that Tim Cook can rightfully point to as appearing during his tenure (besides the initial, yet, by now, expected launch supply screw-up).

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  1. (besides the initial, yet, by now, expected launch supply screw-up).

    @MDN – get it right first then ship – Apple did a good job not shipping them till they were ready!!!

    1. Have them since December and I still notice on a daily basis that they are not ready for prime time! Luckily the annoyances are at the moment minor compared to when I just received them.

      I really miss the days that Apple products just worked…

  2. I have a pair of Bose wired over ear noise cancelling headphones for flying, but I have found the best thing ever is to put my AirPods on then the Bose without the cord over them – best silent cordless listening ever.

  3. I have been unable to buy a pair in the Boston area since they were released. Apple is performing horribly on the supply chain of things for both Apple Watch 2 and AirPods.

  4. “AirPods are a huge success that Tim Cook can rightfully point to as appearing during his tenure (besides the initial, yet, by now, expected launch supply screw-up).”

    Too bad just two articles ago you guys just stated that the Apple Watch is the only new product in Cook’s tenure.

    We don’t come to MDN to read uninformed anti-Apple bias, never forget.

  5. That’s the one bad thing about new Apple products. There are always these people who automatically say the products won’t sell because these individuals might not particularly like the product. These individuals always think their personal feelings about a product are going to be representative of the entire human race. Just because I don’t particularly care about something, I never make the assumption most people will feel the same way I do. I never think my personal opinion is going to carry the most weight.

    I’m glad the AirPods are selling well. I honestly don’t care for the design all that much but I understand why they look the way they do. Apple didn’t try to cram all the components into one area and that part that protrudes may be useful for reception or battery capacity. Hopefully, the way it was designed put function over form. I can’t use them because my ears aren’t able to hold those type of earphones. That design simply falls out of my ear. I require an earphone that loops over the ear or goes inside the ear canal.

  6. I wore mine for more than two months before I saw anyone else wearing a pair, and that day saw two different people. I thought that was weird.

    However, in talking to a friend of mine the other day who lives in Michigan, apparently they are still quite hard to buy in Apple stores. The last time he went in and asked, the guy answered, ‘You might as well be looking for a unicorn. The most I ever hear is rumors that we have some but every time I go and check stock, they’re already gone’.

  7. The AirPods have for me been an excellent experience. They are an important step to getting my computing and artificial intelligence off my phone and into my head. Having trouble getting some? Order on line and they will build you a pair and ship them directly to you. Don’t be a winer.

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