Who has taken over at Apple?

I didn’t buy the 2013 new Mac Pro because it didn’t fit my needs, especially at that price point. It was not upgradable and I immediately thought it was the Cube 2.0,” Richard Taylor writes for FCPX.TV. “It looked cool but not easily upgradable as past Mac Pros were. I did buy several ‘cheesegrater’ aluminum Mac Pros over the years and they were my main production machine for editing in Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X. I now use a 5K iMac and a 2016 MacBook Pro.”

“Well in a surprise announcement, Apple has said they are rethinking the Mac Pro and are going back to the drawing board to create a new 2018 (or later) modular Mac Pro,” Taylor writes. “Apple did not say a new Mac Pro will be available in 2018, just that it won’t be available this year.”

“What? Apple admitting a ‘mis-step,’ pre-announcing a major product and talking on the record to professionals? Who has taken over at Apple?” Taylor writes. “I like this new Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Take: In our experience, Apple only does this when they’re backed so far into a corner there is no other alternative (see: Maps, for example).

This isn’t a “new” Apple, just one that finally realizes they royally screwed the pooch here and therefore had no other choice but to come out and admit that the Mac Pro is not what the professional market wants and that the idea of ceasing Apple-branded displays was an exceedingly stupid idea. After abusing Mac desktop-using professionals for years with zero updates and total silence, Apple now realizes they need to try to keep what’s left of their professional computer users and their mindshare with the Macintosh.

The proof that nobody’s “taken over Apple” and Tim Cook is still CEO is that it’ll be 2018, at the earliest, before Apple can manage to get around to fixing what they should’ve fixed 2+ years ago.

If Steve Jobs were to walk back in the door today (if only!), heads would roll.

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  1. Steve Jobs knew that thinking something is great and having something truly great are completely different. For this reason he had the balls to let his new-fangled ideas (The Cube) compete and live or die alongside the old product line. Clamshell iBooks could be bought alongside a “Wallstreet” and desktop Performa’s were still available when the bubble iMac was released. He never shoved it down your throat. He let the people decide. The crew at Apple today doesn’t get this. They think customers should like it or lump it and refuse to let their new ideas legitimately compete by taking away older options. The Pro crowd will be disappointed once again with the upcoming Mac Pros. I can say this because anybody knows it doesn’t take a years to place the latest technology in a big box and get a work-truck to market. It’s taking forever because these morons think everything they do is supposed to change the paradigm of how we do things, meaning the design will once again skirt usability in some inane way. To put it aptly, they are “Cooking” up dumb ideas again. Will it be better than the “TrashCan”? Maybe. But that’s faint praise indeed.

  2. Man, MDN really hates Tim Cook. Look, as a past (and future) MacPro user, I wish they had not dropped the ball on this one either… but they have admitted their error — and no, it’s not the same thing as the Maps problem — yet MDN refuses to give Cook any credit. Oh… unless it’s the stock price going up.

    1. Because Cook has bungled most of what Apple’s done since he took over. MDN has a loooong list of these things. Frankly it’s appalling the amount of product launches that have been crap since Pipeline Timmy took over. Sorry. I wanted to like the guy and held out hope that he’d improve but he just hasn’t…

      1. Yah – it’s called Wall Street/Goldman Sachs – can’t look there for product and consumer inspirations.

        Never got the impression from Jobs that the “money folks” come FIRST over the Apple customer base.


  3. Apple has become less innovative and less consumer driven. It’s very sad, frustrating, and disappointing. I used to watch every streamed Apple event, now I don’t care. It’s too painful to see how far Apple has fallen.

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