Who’s going to buy a Mac Pro now?

“Apple has issued a mea culpa over the Mac Pro, telling a number of publications that it’s ‘sorry’ there was a ‘pause in upgrades and updates’ for the device — introduced in 2013 and stagnant ever since,” James Vincent writes for The Verge.

“The company says a new Mac Pro with an all-new design is coming, but in the meantime, it’s switched up pricing and components of existing models to give customers a slightly better deal,” Vincent writes. “All Apple has done is drop the old high-end models into lower price brackets, and at the end of the day, this is still three-year-old hardware.”

Vincent writes, “Plus, it’s difficult to say who will be tempted to buy the Pro, especially with new models coming [after the end of 2017, presumably sometime in 2018].”

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MacDailyNews Take: Who’s going to buy a Mac Pro now? Anyone for whom the current Mac Pro makes sense and/or those interested in design and/or collectible Macs (however dead end they may be).

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  1. The question isn’t who is going to buy a Mac Pro now, it is whether they will sell more Mac Pro’s overall with this announcement.

    This gives pause to anyone who was considering switching from Mac to PC for a pro level workstation. That’s the key.

    Also it seems that right now the Mac Pro wasn’t selling that much anyway, so any lost sales due to this will be minimal. And those customers will buy the new Mac Pro when it is released.

    And who knows? With the lower prices, they may actually sell a few more Mac Pro’s.

  2. Apple just killed the Mac Pro.

    Whether it can be revived from it’s practical death? Perhaps if we apply the correct necronomic incantation and inspiriting brew to its essential salts, it may reanimate to status akin to living and walk the Earth again.

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