Why Apple’s iOS 10.3 makes your iPhone and iPad feel snappier

“Yesterday, Apple dropped iOS 10.3 that comes with a number of new features and enhancements,” Rajesh Pandey reports for iPhoneHacks. “Post the update, almost all iPhone and iPad owners have been noticing speed improvements on their devices.”

“The improvement in general performance and perceived smoothness is not due to the introduction of APFS, Apple’s new file system,” Pandey reports. “While the new faster and more efficient file system does help speed up certain tasks, the improved overall system performance is due to the fact that Apple has tweaked many of the system animations in iOS 10.3.”

Pandey reports, “As revealed by Renaud Lienhart, Apple has tweaked many of the animations and shortened them which leads to a noticeable improvement in system performance and smoothness.”


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  1. I haven’t been using the betas on my iPhone 7+, because my phone is too important for that. But ever since Apple had public betas, I’ve been running them on my iPads. I now run them on my older iPad Air 2, and my iPad Pro 12.9″. There are usually some minor problems here and there, which I dutifully report, using their reporting system. But no problem that I can point to relating to the move to APFS.

    But, I really can’t point to any speed-up either. Possibly, some animations have been shortened, making them feel snappier. But that doesn’t relate to the move to APFS. As far as APFS goes, any improvement doesn’t seem to translate to a user noticeable speed difference. And that’s just fine. No difference is exactly what we want.

    I’m not using the betas on my Macs either, and my Mac Pro is too old for Sierra, so I can’t go to that (where is a new Mac Pro Apple?). But APFS should eliminate the spinning beach ball, or at least, substantially reduce it, which is about time.

  2. Haven’t installed 10.3 to see them in action yet, but much shorter animations/transitions should be an option for users who want faster responsiveness and don’t need the flash anymore. My favourite jailbreak app when I was trying it out back around 2012 was one that halved the animation times, and it was like I’d gotten a whole new phone.

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