How the AirPods show Apple’s frustrating and delightful quest for simplicity

“Making complex things simple: Perhaps more than any other trait, this is Apple’s superpower,” Jason Snell writes for Macworld. “When it’s at the height of its powers, Apple takes complex technologies and boils them down to simple products that delight their buyers.”

“Apple can get this wrong. Worse, it can making this infuriatingly complex while in pursuit of simplicity, which in some ways explains the debacle that is iOS device syncing in iTunes,” Snell writes. “But when it gets it right, that’s when its products shine.”

“You could argue that the AirPods are great because they are so simple,” Snell writes. “And yet, I have to admit that I yearn for more.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Perhaps, as with the Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc., Apple will add thoughtful customizability to AirPods over time.


  1. I picture Jony Ive in the lair (design vault at Park) high fiving his team over a new iPhone OLED display going edge to edge. It will look magnificent. Of course, like the AirPods it won’t be usable. What kind of case would protect an edge to edge display)? The display would be convex I suppose (faceplant proof?).

    1. You gotta crystal ball? Nobody has edge to edge yet, and you can bet your apples (pun intended) that Apple wouldn’t be the first, but the last to come out with that because…..once again…..BEHIND THE CURVE….

  2. The AirPods are nothing simple at all they constantly disconnect during phone calls however that isn’t the case when listening to music what’s up with that? Apple doesn’t know no one seems to know but no one acknowledges that either. There are people having the same issue and it does not get fixed

  3. Air Pods. They’re white and shiny. They come in box with an Apple logo. And if you lose them, we’ll sell you more. They’re white and shiny. What more could you want?

  4. AirPods are great, but they need to be able to automatically switch between the Mac and iPhone (or iPad). It’s stupid to have to manually switch them in control center while my Bose QC 35s switch automatically. I rarely use Siri, it’s too inconsistent to activate and doesn’t work on 3rd party apps like Audible.

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