Woman accosts White House press secretary Sean Spicer as he shops in Apple Store

“White House press secretary Sean Spicer was confronted by a woman while shopping the Apple store in Washington, D.C., this weekend,” Cyra Master reports for The Hill. “‘How does it feel to work for a fascist? Have you helped with the Russia stuff? Are you a criminal as well? Have you committed treason too, just like the president?” the woman, who filmed Spicer’s reaction, asked him.'”

“Spicer tried to ignore the woman as she followed him around the store, continuing to ask him if he ‘feels good’ about working for a ‘fascist’ and about ‘lying to the American people,'” Caitlin Yilek reports for The Washington Examiner. “A Feb. 18 tweet from the woman boasted of blocking Education secretary Betsy DeVos from entering Jefferson Academy in Washington. Devos was physically blocked by protesters from entering the school during a visit.”

“Shree Chauhan posted a video of the encounter on social media over the weekend. In the video she is heard asking Sean Spicer if he ‘helped with the Russia stuff,'” Alyssa Madruga reports for Fox News. “Chauhan was in the store to get her iPhone fixed when she spotted the press secretary. ‘I realized what an enormous opportunity it was to get answers without the protections normally given to Mr. Spicer,’ Chauhan said.”

“Sean Spicer got more than he bargained for at an Apple store over the weekend, when a woman put a camera in his face and accused him of treason,” TMZ reports. “Shree Chauhan, a 33-year-old Indian-American woman went after the Press Secretary, repeatedly calling him a ‘fascist,’ saying he was just like his boss. Chauhan has written she’s lived ‘in fear of what would happen to someone like me’ ever since Trump was elected.”

“Shree Chauhan has identified herself as the video’s poster to Britain’s Daily Mail,” The Associated Press reports. “Spicer smiles through the encounter and repeatedly says ‘thank you’ to Chauhan. At one point, he tells her, ‘such a great country that allows you to be here.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Looks like Mr. Spicer just got himself, or a lucky someone, a brand new Apple Watch! 🙂


  1. Is it helpful for MDN to cover everything that happens in or near an Apple store? Kim Kardashian also visited an Apple store – is that an MDN story?

    It’s pure click-bait to publish stories that have nothing to do with technology and serve no purpose but to unleash this predictable avalanche of partisan insults.

    1. You’re right, but it’s inevitable given that MDN is an ad-supported site and a hot spot for stock-watchers and the politics swirling around technology.

      Still, the Kardashians create even more of a stir at Apple Stores. I was distressed that MDN didn’t link to stories about the introduction of their iOS apps. But I wasn’t surprised; fashion represents a big and growing chunk of Apple’s story, and traditionalists are loath to embrace it.


  2. Sigh. I do NOT support the right, and I did not vote for Donald Trump, but I can’t recall a *single* incident like this from them during the Obama tenure. It is just sad. I weep for my country.

    1. It’s people – not our nation. Let’s condemn individual’s uncouth actions. There just happens to be a lot of that these days. I am quite impressed with how quickly leadership can change the way in how the world sees us. If you are trying to guess what slant this is taking, stop because it’s not slanted in any way.

    2. Correct comment and fair to all. A new low from the loser left.

      But if the right does exactly the same — all hell and self righteous indignation breaks loose!

      The Left is simply patently unfair and not on a level playing field mentally, or otherwise …

  3. How does “Such a great country that allows you to be here” equal racism and threatening your citizenship? I took it as this country allows you to literally be here harassing me and I have little recourse. Which is true! But man its a real stretch to call that racism and threatening her citizenship. smh.

  4. The woman was born a U.S. citizen in Florida. There is no mechanism for threatening her citizenship. She is one of us.

    I certainly hope that you are correct and that Mr. Spicer was only remarking on the greatness of the First Amendment that allows even jerks like this woman freedom of speech, although it certainly does not allow the customers of a business to harass one another on private property.

    This great country wasn’t allowing her to be in the Apple Store; management was doing that, and I don’t think that they should have. I agree that the floor staff should have told her to stop bothering their customer or shown her the door.

    Since America wasn’t allowing her to be in the store, Spicer’s quote has another possible interpretation. For someone to assume that she isn’t a citizen based on her non-European appearance and suggest that she is only in our country on the sufferance of the white Americans who “allow her to be here” WOULD be racism.

  5. Oh botty, my botty, you go to bed far too early, all the adults are just starting to post now. You know, after a good days work, a nice meal and some interaction with a real family. You’ve probably already gone through your second diaper change at this point.

    1. I understand your excitement at being appreciated, but you overlooked the suspect words “MAC store,” which betray a trollish origin. You shouldn’t be so hard up for supporting comments to embrace the crap pranks of teenagers. You have GoeB, who is positively prolix. And you have me, your faithful servant. Are you ready for an aperitif, or would you prefer a veggie sandwich on whole wheat?

      1. yeah, it shoulda read “Apple Store”…I’m slipping in my old age, better make it a double aperitif. I know there can never be an “honest liberal”…the phrase that put moron in oxymoron.

        PS: Got cataract surgery done, finished last eye on Thursday…have 20/20 vision now. A freaking miracle.

        1. Congratulations on completing your cataract surgery. I too had that done in 2016 and agree it’s a miracle—more to benefit the artist than the mathematician, as Leonhard Euler would attest, but beneficent all around. Peace.

      2. Prolix? Guilty at times due to my detail nature. Although I rarely use it here, also capable of succinct reporting, but this is more fun.

        I can think of a few of your posts, like many on this thread, that drift off a single sentence or thought into parallels and parables of the universe, science, culture, the human condition, history, literature, et.al.

        Verbose is certainly not exclusive to yours truly. But it’s all good …

  6. She is very lucky I wasn’t there. I would have spit some Beechnut Tobacco in her face. LOL And while were on the subject, what about the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton answering for their Crimes against The Constitution of The United States of America?? You Demoncrats are just Ticked off that Trump won and Hillary lost. Get Over It Already!

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