Apple CEO Cook pledges support to pro users, says ‘we don’t like politics’ at Apple’s annual shareholders meeting

“Apple on Tuesday held its annual shareholder meeting, where the company’s board was re-elected, Ernst and Young was named its accounting firm, and a number of shareholder proposals were rejected,” AppleInsider reports.

“When asked about the Mac Pro and professional-grade software versus a focus on iPhones, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook noted that a third to 40 percent of the company’s revenues are not from the iPhone,” AppleInsider reports. “‘You will see us do more’ with Macs and professional software, he told shareholders, noting that creative and pro markets are very important to the company.”

“When asked about taking a political position on net neutrality, Cook said the Trump administration does not yet have a clear position and ‘is still forming an FCC,'” AppleInsider reports. “He also said ‘we don’t like politics’ and ‘we’re not the lobbying company,’ but also stated that Apple wants to be involved in policy formation, citing encryption and other issues.”

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“Apple has some products other than the iPhone on the horizon that are ‘essential to Apple’s growth,’ CEO Tim Cook said at the company’s annual shareholder meeting,” CNBC reports. “The tech giant is investing a ‘fair amount’ into research and development, including ‘future stuff [he] can’t talk about,’ the executive told shareholders. Cook didn’t go into details, but lauded investors for thinking long term, especially Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re rather interested in seeing Apple “do more” with Macs!


  1. “but also stated that Apple wants to be involved in policy formation, citing encryption and other issues.”

    Shouldn’t that be, “but also stated that Apple wants to be involved in policy formation, citing encryption and bathrooms.”

  2. It’s an interesting time for the mothership. I think the company can truly decide what it wants to be. Losing the “Computer” in the company name was, to me, troubling. I hope whatever they choose it works out but removing ports is not design. Not when they’re still being used by over half your customers. It’s an F you to us. USB-C is the enemy of the people.

  3. Human rights is not politics by itself. But when politics piss on it, things have to be said!
    Actually, populism takes over. Yet it’s just for a time… reason will strike back again, if some living is still around ounce blindness has gone under.

  4. Apple has been WAY too comfortable with lax upgrading and pricing schedules on their pro Macs. “Good enough” does not apply here, constantly upgrading whenever possible is to show you care about pro needs. Plus designing machines we want and not Jony Ives wet dream designs which ultimately look ugly for all the external wires and unnecessary added expense that towers don’t have.

  5. Tim Cook is a liar. All he cares about us politics. He’s constantly involved in them. He is out of touch with what pro users really want which is a product that does what we need it to do today and can handle what we throw at it tomorrow. I do not need my computer manufacturer to promote a bathroom policy that the majority of people in this country do not favor. All I want from them are great products, consistently.

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