VentureBeat reviews Beats X: Buy Apple AirPods instead

“When I picked up a pair of Apple’s wireless AirPods a few weeks ago, I thought the included charging case was a clever touch,” Jordan Novet writes for VentureBeat. “But the case wound up being so useful that it spoiled me for Apple’s other wireless earbuds, the BeatsX. After two weeks of testing a pair of BeatsX headphones, I’ve found they also fall short of the AirPods in one make-or-break area: battery life.”

“And there are other drawbacks, too,” Novet writes. “The AirPods case, with its satisfying clasp, is an instant Apple design classic, whereas the included BeatsX silicone case doesn’t always completely protect your headphones — sometimes parts of the cable end up sticking out. And it gathers lint.”

MacDailyNews Take: The Beats X case is crap.

Beats X earphones featuring the Apple W1 chip
Beats X earphones featuring the Apple W1 chip


“BeatsX come with a few aesthetic niceties that you won’t find on AirPods: magnetic buds and a neck band that’s just bendy enough to fit in the case but always bounces back to its default position,” Novet writes. “Some people say the BeatsX headphones sound better than the AirPods — I personally disagree. I don’t hear much of a difference… AirPods cost $159; BeatsX go for $149.95. We’re talking about a $9.05 difference. If you care about not having to constantly recharge, go ahead and shell out the extra bit of money.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The beauty of AirPods vs. Beats X is that, either way, Apple ends up with the sale.

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  1. It’s pretty hard to compare them, the two serve very different purposes. Beats X have the classic Beats sound, which is much fuller and richer than the AirPods, and the Beats close off the ears to ambient sound. The AirPods do not, but they are very good nonetheless. If you are seriously into music, the Beats X are better, but the AirPods are more functional and have a wider variety of uses.

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