AppleInsider reviews eero Wi-Fi: ‘A solid option for Apple’s outgoing AirPort’

“With the rumor that Apple is discontinuing Airport and Time Machine Wi-Fi products, it leaves some users looking for new solutions,” Lester Victor Marks writes for AppleInsider. “One of the problems with Wi-Fi is its inherently poor signal strength to the places in your home you want to actually use it.”

“And all that’s fine, but it doesn’t really help you understand how to solve the problem of dead zones of Wi-Fi in your home or apartment. The first thing to know is that Apple provides you with a quick way to tell what your signal strength really is,” Marks writes. “Option-click on the Airport (Wi-Fi) indicator in the menu bar, and it reports your RSSI in negative db. The closer your number is to zero, the stronger the signal.”

“Is Eero a complete Airport replacement? No. Each Eero has just two Ethernet ports on its back,” Marks writes. “You can’t connect a printer and use it for Bonjour printing as you could for an Airport Express.”

Blanket your home in Wi-Fi with Eero

“But for printing, many affordable modern printers work with AirPrint, and it’s possible you should consider one of them,” Marks writes. “If you have Wi-Fi dead zones, don’t want to go to networking school, and want an easy solution with acceptable range and speeds, Eero isn’t wrong. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re in the process of replacing our older Apple Airport Extreme (which Apple released on June 10, 2013 and is still inexplicably calling “all-new” on their website) based Wi-Fi systems with Eero mesh units in our homes and offices. We’re seeing significant, very noticeable increases in Wi-Fi speed and range. Eero is the Wi-Fi system that Apple should’ve made.

With Eero, you can kiss slow Wi-Fi goodbye forever – February 10, 2017


  1. Quick review – Have had the system up & running for a week. Much better coverage throughout the house, very easy to set up, including static IPs and port forwarding! As long as they stay reliable, and the company stays around. I like these very much.

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