“There’s something remarkable about the new Beats X earphones. It’s not so much their sound quality — which is pretty good — nor is it the rubbery build, their wirelessness or the ease with which they rest in your ears,” Damon Beres writes for Mashable. “No, it’s the combination of all these things with two very specific, additional ingredients: a W1 chip and an iPhone. Well, make that three: the chip, the phone and an obsessive enough brain to care about how it all intermingles.”

“It’s not that they’re particularly futuristic or amazing in obvious ways, but the experience of using them is unlike most others,” Beres writes. “Apple and Beats understand that good design minimizes friction, and these new earbuds, which don’t plug into your phone but connect to it in seconds, smooth out the bumps you’ve encountered with other Bluetooth equipment.”

“Beats X sound good and work well,” Beres writes. “It could be argued they represent a step forward for personal audio that may even eclipse the AirPods, which won’t fit every ear and require an external case to grapple with. These make the act of listening to anything via your iPhone, or communicating with Siri, buttery smooth in the way iMessage seals any irritating cracks in texting.”

Tons more in the full review – recommendedhere.

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