“Apple Pay lets you use your fingerprint, an iPhone, or Apple Watch to pay for stuff, online, you can use those products and/or the Touch ID on a MacBook Pro to pay for items where you see the Apple Pay logo,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must. “More secure than using your credit card, these are great ways to pay – but you still need the places where you shop to accept Apple Pay for it to be any use. And that’s what’s changing so, so rapidly as the Apple Pay team is working its little cotton socks off to develop the service.”

“That’s certainly what we learn in a recent Boston Retail Partners report, which tells us not only that mobile payments are taking off, but that Apple is rapidly becoming the most widely deployed and most widely used smartphone-based mobile payments service,” Evans writes. “‘PayPal has been bumped out of its top spot in this year’s survey with Apple Pay now being accepted at 36% of the retailers participating in the survey,’ the report said.”

Evans writes, “I anticipate we’ll see support at 70%+ of global retailers by 2020, at the latest.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Slowly, but surely. And, no, there is no better way to pay than with Apple Watch and Apple Pay.

Two simple things could turbocharge Apple Pay usage: Better (or actual) signage at the point of sale and incentives for using Apple Pay. Imagine Apple Pay usage if Apple simply offered $1 to spend at the Apple Store for every hundred spent via Apple Pay.

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