Apple debuts new Twitter-themed ad campaign for iPad Pro

“Apple today shared four new iPad Pro ads on its YouTube channel, which are focused on highlighting the features of the tablet and pointing out its benefits over a computer,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“Each of the four ads is 16 seconds in length and starts out with a tweet a user has shared, either about the iPad Pro itself or a situation where an iPad Pro would be useful,” Clover reports. “All four of the videos use real tweets from real people, but Apple uses actors in the videos to hold up the signs and do the voiceovers.”

“This is a new iPad Pro ad campaign for Apple,” Clover reports, “but it is similar to past iPad Pro ads the company has shared, which have also highlighted features like the touchscreen, Apple Pencil, multitasking, Smart Keyboard, and more.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, these are targeted at the general, make that very general, public.


  1. Finally back to something like the old “Get A Mac” ads. They are funny and get a message across that fans have arguing about for a long time. I have not like all the high art ones. Don’t get me wrong they are beautiful and I do like them. However they don’t do anything beyond the fan base. Almost like a joke you have to be in on to get. These ads take on complaints in a fun way. Show how they better than a PC.

    They also highlight one of it’s best advantages, is it’s ability to have cell connection. Wish they would do one about GPS. This is something Windows tablets don’t have. Something I like to point out to the Surface fanboys: they are not real mobile devices, so stop comparing them to iPads.

  2. TV spots taht are short, factual and whimsical – that’s more like it, Apple. I like them, especially No PC viruses, Boo! (You’re still at risk from malware of other sorts, of course. Like Office 365.)

    I have a mere iPad Air 2, not a Pro model, but do have LTE and that makes it good for replacing the TomTom GPS unit I once had for navigation. I velcroed the iPad to the dash to comply with local hands-free driving rules, and command Siri to find me a good route to the nearest BevMo.

  3. Talkative Tim: “While I indeed talk too much, these commercials talk the right message! I love them. I think I’ll take them to bed with me. Huggie, huggie, oh my! Love! Oh! I’m even talking too much now. Please don’t spank me. OK? La, la. la. di da. Yeah baby!”

  4. I enjoyed them, and think they hit the way to use an iPad dead on. I have been looking at the 12.9″ with wifi/cell but there a month out on the Apple Store. Maybe an update?

  5. Apples Nazi liberal views allow Twitter and other applications to blatantly target any view that isn’t uber liberal progressive nonsense. I pay for the product but 🖕🏻their politics. If Cook is allowed to continue he’s going to burn the company to the ground.

  6. These ads/spots are too generalised, overly simplistic and a joke!
    These ads aimed at the masses of potential customers that still do not know anything about conputers!
    I absolutely love my large iPad Pro, but these are still just iPads and aren’t too “Pro” of a mobile device.
    iOS is a simplified mobile device OS (I don’t even think iOS is ANY subset of OS X or macOS ) that makes doing things in a less efficient, more time consuming manner.
    The ability to use an “official” Apple Bluetooth stylus and keyboard cover does NOT make an iPad “Pro”.
    AND the Apple Pencil, IMSO, is poorly designed, feels cheap and its charging mechanisms poorly designed and implememted
    iPads could always use third party Bluetooth stylii and keyboards.
    Nothing “Pro’ about any of that!
    iOS 10, to date is an embarassing joke aimed totally toward the self important social media crowds, plagued/riddled with more feature bugs/omissions that previous iOS versions which further limits the already simplfied mobile OS.
    If Apple wants to keep adding the “Pro” moniker to iPads, they need to split the iOS team in two and create an “iOS Pro” along with these “Pro” devices.

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