Right-to-Repair is ridiculous

“Nebraska [is] the latest state to consider new Right-to-Repair legislation,” Lance Ulanoff reports for Mashable.

“If the legislation passes, it’d require Apple, Samsung, and other electronics manufacturers to supply parts and detailed repair manuals to everyone, including repair shops, and average consumers,” Ulanoff reports. “And there are several legislative efforts like it underway around the country.”

“Right-to-Repair? What a ridiculous thing to say. No one has the right to repair anything,” Ulanoff reports. “You might have the skill to repair something (something that iCracked tech might’ve lacked). And you can hand people all the schematics, instructions, and parts you want and they still won’t be able to replace an iPhone battery or screen.”

“What if a consumer’s injured during a failed repair attempt? They slice open a finger on the cracked glass, or put it back together incorrectly, so the battery fails (and maybe even explodes),” Ulanoff reports. “It’s the consumer’s fault, obviously, but they could also try to sue Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Certainly it can be dangerous to mishandle/damage lithium batteries during DYI repairs and the results can injure not just the repairer.

Apple said to fight ‘Right to Repair’ legislation – February 15, 2017


  1. We’re talking about a country where a very large percentage of its moron population can’t even point out their home state on a map!!! A physical device can easily get to a point where people in general should not be touching its insides… just as they shouldn’t be trying to re-code the operating system.

  2. They’re missing the point.

    The right to repair is to protect independent, 3rd party professionals and their ability to repair devices without being blindfolded by the lack of schematics and parts. Apple holds too many pieces of the puzzle and as a consumer, you want choice with where to get your stuff repaired, not just the corporate store. Competition is the essence of the American economy and culture and the little guys need a level playing field with monstrous, global multinationals like Apple.

    Otherwise, Apple can always peg the cost of repair just high enough to encourage people to buy a new, pretty bauble instead of the more responsible, reasonable path of simply repairing what you already have and preventing it from hitting another landfill in SouthEast Asia.

    This is a big deal folks and it’s not about amateurs ripping open their iPhones.

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