Joy Villa tops Apple, Amazon sales charts after wearing pro-Trump dress to Grammy Awards

“Sales of Joy Villa’s music has skyrocketed after she wore a pro-Trump dress to the Grammy Awards,” CBS Pittsburgh (KDKA) reports.

“On the red carpet Villa wore a gown of red, white and blue with the words ‘Make America Great Again’ on the front and ‘Trump’ on the back,” KDKA reports.

“After her appearance at the Grammy’s the 25-year-old’s EP ‘I Make The Static‘ jumped to number one on Amazon’s top digital albums, and is still there Monday,” KDKA reports. “She was also climbing the charts on iTunes.”

MacDailyNews Note: Villa is currently at #1 on Apple’s U.S. iTunes Store now:

Joy Villa tops Apple's U.S. iTunes Store sales chart
Joy Villa tops Apple’s U.S. iTunes Store sales chart

At the time of publication, Villa’s album is also currently at #1 on Amazon Music:

Joy Villa tops Amazon Music

“The dress also helped Joy’s social media presencem” KDKA reports. “On Twitter she went from about 15,000 followers to nearly 70,000 Monday.”

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“The designer behind Joy Villa’s pro-Trump, ‘Make America Great Again’ Grammys gown, Filipino immigrant Andre Soriano, tells THR that he is supportive of the new president despite his controversial immigration ban, and that the message of the dress was one of positivity,” Sam Reed and Lesley McKenzie report for The Hollywood Reporter. “”

Soriano “said he is a proud American and believes that he is an example of the American dream,” Reed and McKenzie report. “He is a naturalized citizen. ‘There are a lot of people that are in power that really misconstrued what this country stands for,’ he said. ‘I love this country. I’m from the Philippine islands, I am a proud American. I really love this country. I am a minority, Joy is black. America is about immigrants.'”

Reed and McKenzie report, “As for the inspiration behind the pro-Trump dress, he says, ‘I heard that somebody wanted to bomb the White House. And then I saw the Women’s March. … Joy Villa is all about love with her music. I’m like, ‘Joy, We have to make a statement on what is right for our country, of what we believe in, for the Constitution.””

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Brilliant self-promotion that looks to have paid off handsomely.


    1. He VERY specifically talks about protecting LGBTQ Americans from a “hateful, foreign ideology”. He said nothing then or since about ensuring equal rights within America or protecting them from violence perpertrated by Americans.

      1. He madden oath to ensure equal rights and protect all Americans from violence foreign or abroad… isn’t it implied that that includes the LGBTQ? What has he done to make you think he would not protect the rights or well being of the LGBTQ community? or is your version of equal rights a little more than equal? I support gay marriage and oppose discrimination. What is your beef?

        1. Wouldn’t including the LGBTQ community anger his base? Many of whom voted to ensure that LGBTQ’s are treated differently in areas such as marriage?

          I mean, it could be that he means everyone, but likely is not able to say so because his people are telling him his approval numbers may go lower if he makes it clearer.

  1. I guess non-immigrants don’t want to be dress designers either? Why wouldn’t she use someone who’s been in the country from birth trying to make it? This would have been great exposure for them, too.

    So Americans just want to be executives and factory workers??

      1. That’s right. Keep that up, please. It’s working so well for you!

        During Obama’s eight years in office, as Dem/Lib/Progs looked down their noses at “flyover country,” Democrats lost more than 1,042 seats in state legislatures, governorships, and the U.S. Congress, not to mention the 2016 presidential election.

        Democratic U.S. Senate seats dropped from 55 to 46, their share of House seats fell from 256 seats to 194, and Democratic governorships fell from 28 to 16. All told, Democrats have shed 63 House seats, 10 Senate seats and 12 governorships.

        The GOP owns:
        1. The Presidency
        2. The Senate
        3. The House
        4. The Supreme Court for decades to come

        Please, keep up the snide remarks, Dem/Lib/Progs! Never forget that you’re so much smarter than everyone else!

        1. They are going to keep fighting the battle:
          Demonize President Trump and his family.
          Oppose all nominees, with their usual nonsense, like calling them racists.
          Take to the streets and demonstrate, sometimes violently.

          The problem is that in so doing, they will create millions more Deplorables. They simply don’t get it, which is good.

      2. DavGreg, you are an asshat… stereotyping Trump supporters is a fools error… you and other asshats like yourself are a big part of the reason he got elected

          1. KingMel, you are an asshat! Who are you referring to when you type “you folks”? I do not stereotype… I did vote for Trump but I have no affiliation to either fscking party or any politicians. I am too independent minded to follow any herd. I’ve never watched an episode of Duck Dynasty nor do I follow NASCAR. However, A LOT of people just like me voted for Trump because we are tired of the same old shit from both sides of the isle… Do you understand the meaning of asshat? It means that you have your head up your ass…

        1. Yeah, I remember all the jokes about Android users being the “Hee Haw Demographic.” Didn’t like the class-warfare rhetoric then and don’t like it now. However, I generally try to err on the side of consistency rather than caprice.

        1. Uh, huh, because we’re always seeing people hawking Chelsea’s sh*t on TV.

          Remember how Chelsea was treated by Rush Limbaugh, when he compared her to the “White House dog” when she was 12 years old. Who knew she should have been one of her father’s advisors.

        1. What a bullshit graph.
          The last three months are irrelevant.
          What is more important is what was happening just before and just after discontinuing her line… that being a slight uptick.

  2. Never heard of her, but this is America and she is free to support whomever she chooses. The ugly tats show she has bad taste in more than politics and dresses. Tats look stupid on men and worse on women.

  3. The inbred couldn’t find one with Hitler? Oh, that was her diaper.

    Chris Breen:

    “For the most part, the battle with Trump, his supporters, and the GOP is not for a leftist agenda, but for common decency.”

    Once again, my visit here has resulted in my feeling sick and sad.

    1. I didn’t vote for Trump, but I am saddened by a lot of Democrats. What ever happened to decency, free speech, and compassion. Your Hitler remark shows your true colors. Sad.

    1. That is a very good question. Is the performing arts Left open to different ideas and opinions or are they a closed PC society, shunning those who do not tow the line? Actions speak so much louder than words.

  4. I stopped watching the propaganda award shows when they went ribbon crazy and speech nutty. I read about Villa this morning. I listened to some of her music, not really my thing, but I bought the album anyway because to take that kind of stand in the era of American Leftist Fascism is like thumbing your nose at Joe McCarthy during the McCarthy era. It takes courage.

  5. It’s amazing what a positive message of support for someone or something does versus the typical Hollywood approach of simply spewing hate against everyone and everything that they don’t like.

    Joy Villa goes from unheard of to #1 on the album charts in less than 12 hours while album sales tank for hate spewers like Madonna. Oh the irony…

  6. Unlike some others, I actually took the time to visit iTunes and sample ten tracks of her music, five of them from her “I Make the Static” EP. Relatively unappealing pop music with generally weak and repetitive lyrics, in my opinion. But she successfully used Donnie to sell her stuff – the art of the deal, I suppose.

    It is a shame that MDN feels the need to aggregate this kind of news. Other than the offhand mention of iTunes, it has nothing to do with Apple at all. Typical of MDN (TDN) these days.

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