Who wants an Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar and Magic Trackpad for the Mac with Apple Pencil support?

“I expect the Touch Bar on certain models of the 2016 MacBook Pro is just the beginning of ways Apple will offer touch input on Macs without actually have touch screens on laptops or desktop,” Dennis Sellers writes for Apple World Today.

“I expect to see a Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar for iMacs, Mac Pros, and Mac minis when (‘if,’ in some cases) the desktops are updated,” Sellers writes.

“I’d also love to see a Magic Trackpad 2 with Apple Pencil support,” Sellers writes.

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MacDailyNews Take: We do!

We want an Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar for our iMacs ASAP, Apple!MacDailyNews, January 10, 2017

Hey, how about having Apple Pencil work with Apple TV via in-air gestures and as a joystick, too?MacDailyNews, May 19, 2016

Apple granted U.S. patent for Apple Pencil use on Mac trackpad – July 26, 2016
Apple patent application reveals Apple Pencil to work with Mac via in-air gestures, on trackpad, and as joystick for games – May 19, 2016


  1. Make it wired, bluetooth sucks.

    better yet: why can’t Apple just make an app and stand to use the iPad as an input device to the Mac????

    Apple: don’t forget to include the goddamn cable adapter in the box.

  2. I personsly am not a fan of the touch bar ( though i think its impeccably executed hardware wise). Not a fan for two fundamental reasons… predictability/ muscle memmory and efficiency.
    If the trackpad constantly changes in the information it presents .. then my muscle memory is useless… i have to readjust to every application implementation of it… and i have to take my eyes off the screen to see what im touching.
    Taking eyes off the screen is inefficient and can be tiring …(so is excessive movement of eyes around a screen)
    I prefer onscreen ‘touché’ type solution … touché optimized and maybe even taken beyond touch bars flexibility .

    As for trackpad with pencil support.. to me its a no brainer …bring it on … Let it be available on all track pads.. from macbooks to magic pad ..etc.

  3. What I would pay for would be an iPad app that simply has the TouchBar optionally at the top or bottom of the (landcape-oriented) screen, with the rest of the screen toggling between touchpad and iPad keyboard. Attachable by wifi or cable.
    Simple enough, but replaces keyboard and Magic Trackpad, and gives access to TouchBar. Making it a simple app will allow it to work on older iPads, and I have a couple that could be utilised. For me a no cost option!
    Act as a complete remote input device for my Mac Mini attached to a TV. A complete input device for Mac
    Book Pro on a standup workstation (most stuff I do doesn’t need much typing, e.g. FCPX, but would benefit from the ToucBar access).
    This is viewed from my needs, and nothing (no, not Astropad or Duet) does this.
    If you know of something that does this, tell me.

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