Pornhub stats prove Windows users are the biggest wankers on the Internet

“Pornhub appears to have wrapped up yet another spectacular year in 2016,” MIX reports for TNW. “Earlier this week, the porn giant dropped its annual yearly review and its findings are nothing but filled with insight.”

“According to the data, the company racked up over 23 billion visits to its website throughout the last twelve months, accumulating a total of nearly 92 billion video views during 2016. To give you some more context, this accounts for approximately 4.6 billion hours of porn watching,” MIX reports for TNW. “In line with the larger shift towards mobile browsing, Pornhub revealed that over 60 percent of its users prefer to stream raunchy content from their smartphones – and that’s without factoring in the additional 11 percent of users that opt to use their tablets for such activities.”

“While desktop streaming makes up for a little less than 30 percent of all incoming traffic, statistics reveal Windows users are by far the busiest wankers on the internet,” MIX reports for TNW. “In comparisons to the measly 14 percent of users who watch porn on their Macs, Windows users seem to have had their hands full in 2016, accounting for 80 percent of all porn content streamed on desktop.”

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“Moving onto mobile. The playing field is pretty even here, with Android and Apple iOS almost at par with one another,” Pornhub reports. “Android leading with 3% more users on Pornhub than Apple iOS (47% of Pornhub’s mobile users). Android’s mobile market share has increase by 5% over the last year.”

Pornhub 2016 stats

“Mobile users are torn between Chrome and Safari (each browser holding 43% of Pornhub users),” Pornhub reports. “However Chrome has gained 25% of the traffic share while Safari has only gained 1%.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We certainly didn’t need any traffic data to tell us that Windows users are the biggest wankers on the internet.

We do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone. Folks who want porn can buy an Android phone.Steve Jobs, April, 2010

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    1. Yep. According to NetMarketShare anyway, the various flavors of Windows make up just over 90% of desktop web traffic, with various flavors of MacOS making up less than 8%.
      So while Windows users win in absolute numbers, it would seem that more Mac users, percentage wise, visit that site.

      1. To be fair, on mobile devices the share of iOS has grown versus previous year.

        It is good since besides sex masturbation is the healthiest entertainment that is available. Either sex or masturbation should be carried out not less often than once per day.

  1. Gee, it parallels market share, with one exception. In both cases Apple’s share is larger than their market share. Especially in mobile. One can only conclude iOS users are…

    So much for, “If you want porn get an Android” – Jobs

  2. I would be interested to see gender data. No doubt it skews heavily towards men, but the big question is how heavily. For the longest time, porn has been largely the domain of men: they were its users, producers and marketers. Women’s only role in the industry was always as on-screen talent.

    In the decades past, porn was not an easy thing to acquire; while some large(r) cities had specialised shops, there always existed a sizeable barrier for acquisition. Most men at the time learned about sex the usual way — by experiencing it in person.

    Today, thanks to the abundance of free online porn, virtually every adolescent man learned everything he thinks he needs to know about sex from porn. And porn sex is quite different than actual, real sex; only, those young men don’t really know that. And because porn is produced by men, and for men, it mostly circles around the same old stereotypes, in which women are simply the recipients of sex, which is mostly done TO them (rather than WITH). Which is why women don’t really find it all that interesting.

    Young women are now an increasingly larger part of the porn audience today. And that is slowly transforming the porn industry, which has seen a growing number of women writers and directors over the past decade. Their hope is that, in addition to meeting the demands of the curious women seeking porn that is interesting to them, the stuff that they produce pulls the rest of the industry into producing content that has a bit more connection with the reality.

    Something is not quite right when a young man wants to climax in his girlfriend’s face every time they have intercourse, since that is how every porn scene ends…

    1. True. As an adolescent there was always a celebration when some kid scored a Playboy.

      Now, Playboy is like a Good Housekeeping compared to the moving pictures on the Internet.

    2. One particularly revealing research study found women more responsive (as measured by heart rate and electrodermal activity) than men to pornographic videos that were crafted as realistic stories with considerable foreplay. The women disparaged videos without inviting storylines, or those with interesting stories but lapses in realism. “Why is she wearing those shoes?” “Not on that kitchen floor, yuck” and other participant comments underscored the deficiency of men in designing scenarios that would appeal to women. For a start, they might review the genre of romance literature for effective themes and devices. One fears, however, that a firmly entrenched audience of SBTYM males has discouraged experimentation in favour of the money shot.

      1. Jane, you ignorant slut, will you quit with the Gloria Steinhem horseshit already? Men are smarter than women, men are stronger than women, men are faster than women…got it?

        okay, then….go fix me a sandwich.

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