Yes, I just bought a ‘new’ Mac Pro (released on December 19, 2013 and never updated)

“Yes, I bought a new Mac Pro. For certain values of ‘new,'” Chris Adamson writes for Time.code().

“I think my needs, for development and especially for video work (Motion and Wirecast, mainly) are best served by the Mac Pro,” Adamson writes. “Even the pathetic, three-year-old Mac Pro, because what I want is lots of cores, silent operation, and expandability of RAM and storage, something the iMac and MacBook Pro can’t offer.”

“I ordered on December 22, and the custom-built machine didn’t even ship until a week later on the 29th,” Adamson writes. “There’s likely a holiday break involved here, but it’s a safe bet the delay was not caused by excessive demand for the model.”

MacDailyNews Take: Now, there’s a pretty safe bet.

Adamson writes, “Indeed, I have to wonder if they only run the Austin factory one or two days a week at this point.”

MacDailyNews Take: Or month.

“I made one other Apple-related financial decision last week, and it was a big one,” Adamson writes. “[I sold] my entire position in AAPL. For the first time since 1998, I do not hold any Apple stock… I look at what Apple’s doing nowadays and ask myself if this is still what I believed in back in 1998. I’m not a fan of the new MacBook Pro, with what seems like a gimmicky Touch Bar (let’s give it a year and see if it’s any more salient a feature than Force Touch) and a de facto $500 price hike. In the Mac line, at least, 2017 Apple seems a lot like 1994 Apple: misguided products, propped up by gouging the loyalists. The difference is that today’s Apple isn’t dependent on computers, and indeed barely cares about them thanks to the timespace-warping enormity of the iPhone. It’s like being in an alternate timeline where the Newton was a smash success, so the Sculley/Spindler era went on indefinitely.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yeesh.

With the Mac Pro, “I surely overpaid wildly for what I got,” Adamson writes. “But I can be pretty confident it’ll give me about five years of solid productivity in Xcode, Motion, Wirecast and the other apps I depend on for my work. That’s an investment I can still get behind.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Scathing, but note that he still bought a “new” Mac.

Cook et al. should take note: On your present course, there will rather quickly come a day when such users will choose another company’s wares.

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  1. I think Apple is missing a huge opportunity to fight and win PC wars 2.0.

    Just because Windows is losing steam doesn’t mean Mac OS needs to. Macs are also the most important “satellite” device in the iOS ecosystem.

    10-15% growth in Macs would be just as valuable as 10-15% growth in iPad’s, and easier to get since the overall PC market is still much bigger than the overall tablet market, and Mac marketshare is so small.

    Wake up Apple, and grow Mac share by shipping great Macs, to grow Apple. Ship iOS apps like News simultaneously on Macs. Upgrade specs every year so customers can count on getting good value.

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