Microsoft’s Surface Studio boondoggle

“Amazon’s Echo is a success after selling a few million units. Apple’s Watch is a failure after selling 15 or 20-million units,” Bambi Brannan writes for Mac360. “What gives with the new math, folks?”

“Likewise, Microsoft’s new Surface Studio with the giant 28-inch drop down touchscreen is hailed as an example of non-Apple innovation, while the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar is a gimmick. Except that Apple likely will sell 100 times as many new MacBook Pro models this year as Microsoft will sell Surface Studios,” Brannan writes. “Do the math, folks. This Surface Studio is underpowered by iMac standards, and that makes it overpriced. Except for that giant touchscreen which chiropractors and doctors who treat tendinitis absolutely love.”

“Tech rags which track such things say Microsoft has ordered 30,000 Surface Studio units for Q1 2017, and at full retail, that comes up to about $100-million for the quarter. Maybe $400-million for the year if it’s a big hit,” Brannan writes. “Boondoggle.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Of course, Microsoft’s Surface is a boondoggle.

Furthermore, beware publications that are trying to sell you the narrative that Microsoft is “back” and Apple is “doomed” based on Microsoft doing touch wrong and Apple doing it right because they’re only lying to attract hits.

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