India poised to reject manufacturing concessions for Apple

“India is not in favor of offering Apple Inc. concessions to start manufacturing iPhones in the country, a government official told reporters on Tuesday,” Shruti Srivastava reports for Bloomberg. “The government is also unlikely to ease norms governing local sourcing for the manufacturer of iPads and iPhones as such a step can’t be granted to just one company, according to the New Delhi-based official, who didn’t want to be identified citing rules on speaking to the media.”

“Last year, India eased regulations that required technology product makers such as Apple source at least 30 percent of their components locally before they can open a single-brand company-owned outlets in the country,” Srivastava reports. “The phonemaker is said to have written to the industry ministry in November seeking further concessions including lower import and excise duties.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The negotiating dance continues, but the Indian government seems to know just want they have (a very large market that’s developing and getting richer) and therefore how badly Apple wants to open retail outlets in the country. We hope to see Apple stores in India ASAP.


      1. I for one will cast my lot with the winners, and hope against hope that the big men they portray themselves to be really are as big in heart as well as they clearly are in testosterone.

    1. Screw China, we need to repair relations with Russia as a counterbalance to them and North Korea. And also support South Vietnam as much as possible, since there’s no love lost between them and China. We have stupidly done every thing in our power to give that country the economic ability to build up their military in order to screw with the Pacific Rim countries. We’ve put profit before common sense.

  1. I don’t think the Indian people will be getting all that richer any time soon. The brilliant minds in the Indian government are seeing to that with their steady hands of ineptitude and incompetence. Pay-to-play doesn’t work if you set too many restrictions. Apple will be lucky to get a store or two open.

    1. Agree. This is where the US Govt needs to step up and wack imports from India. China and India markets are not open. There is a ransom to be paid and no individual Company is strong enough to go toe to toe with their governments. Trump needs to make good on his campaign promises, and in this case I hope he does.

          1. It’s symptomatic of the King Melvin Derangement Syndrome (KMDS) of which there is still no known cure. However, teams of doctors and scientists in Vienna are working around the clock to find a remedy for this scourge. Please give generously to the KMDS Research Fund, and let’s make the internet safe for the children!

  2. Don’t all consumer tech companies need foreign sweat shops? What’s so unusual about Apple also needing them. All companies are supposed to take advantage of cheap labor to gain profits.

    American companies have been doing this since at least the end of World War 2 which is long before Apple was around. Isn’t it beneficial to give low-paying jobs to people who have no jobs at all? Don’t those employees still come out ahead of the game. If India wants to throw such an opportunity away, it’s only going to hurt them in the long run.

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