Some users of Apple AirPods seeing battery drain issues with charging case

“After the AirPods launched online and then arrived to the first set of customers earlier in December, some users have begun realizing that the charging case that comes with the headphones isn’t holding Apple’s advertised 24 hours of charge,” Mitchel Broussard reports for MacRumors.

“In theory, the charging case should only lose noticeable amounts of charge when the AirPods are low on battery and recharging within the case, and when users flip the pack open to check battery levels or otherwise activate Bluetooth with a connected Apple device,” Broussard reports. “The unlucky set of users facing the battery issues, however, are noticing that the AirPods case drains by upwards of 40 percent in mere hours, with the AirPods at 100 percent inside and minimal Bluetooth activation. ”

“While some feared this is just the way Apple intended the headphones and companion charging case to work, Redditor severinskulls has posted about his experience with the problem, and the replacement AirPods he got that do not have an apparent faulty charging case,” Broussard reports. “In a href=”” target=”_new”>a teardown last week by iFixit, it was theorized that the Charging Case was the cause of the AirPods’ delay from October to December. The root of the problem was a few empty spaces discovered within the solder joints of the case’s chip. This is referred to as ‘voiding,’ which iFixit said ‘could be evidence of low quality standards, or a rushed product release.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re not seeing this with our units. Are you?


  1. “could be evidence of low quality standards, or a rushed product release”

    Hmmmm…. Sounds very familiar!
    (The following is a dramatization for humorous purposes, no actual batteries have been reported to explode. Void where prohibited.)

  2. What’s the value of the AirPods? They look like the regular ear phones, without the wires. That was a big design stretch.

    Waste of engineers time. They are ugly, and you need to tie them together so there are easier to keep up with.

    Pipeline Tim strikes again.

    1. The stupid wires don’t get tangled in your clothes, yanking them out of your ears. They look great, flush against your jaw like a tiny bluetooth earpiece, not sticking out like some of the goofball “reviewers” have pictured. You don’t “tie them together” dork, you put them in the case so they are always charged. Best tech purchase in the past 2-3 years since my Apple Watch, iPhone 6+ and Macbook Air.

      1. Would you care to put your money were foot seems to be. The best selling accessory for those ear buds, in 2017, will be something that ties them together, butt, I meant bud. At best they should cost 29.99. But, there is a certain segment of the population that thinks quality is denoted by a price tag with big numbers. Retailers have a great fondness for those customers, and a name, Suckers. If you’ve got those things stuck in your ears, enjoy the love.

        1. BOB I can really sypathize with your plight and I have to admit that I was wrong and you were right. If your ears aren’t shaped to even keep a brain inside your empty knucklehead, obviously the AirPods won’t stay in either. My bad.

  3. I have Airpods roo, and they’re great. Bob must be related to Microsoft Bob – the dumbest Microsoft thing ever, even dumber than Windows 10

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