Apple CEO Tim Cook tours New York Stock Exchange, calls AirPods ‘a runaway success’

“Apple CEO Tim Cook dropped by the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday while on vacation,” Anita Balakrishnan reports for CNBC.

“In comments to CNBC, Cook declined to talk specifically on Apple’s outlook, but he said it has been a ‘great holiday,'” Balakrishnan reports. “He added that the company’s new wireless earbuds, AirPods, are ‘a runaway success.’ When asked if more would come into stock, he said Apple’s ‘making them just as fast as we can.'”

“Cook’s visit was as a private citizen, not in an official capacity with Apple, which is listed on the Nasdaq,” Balakrishnan reports. “‘I’m just here with my nephew, enjoying a couple of days in New York,’ Cook said. ‘I love it. I wanted him to see what you guys do for a living.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Imagine how much greater Apple’s holiday season would have been if they had made enough AirPods to begin with?

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  1. I would’ve liked them to have more AirPods, but honestly getting them right is more important than being on time. After a week mine are phenomenal, I took the suggestion of the silicon “socks” and they have made all the difference. Sound quality is on par with the venerable apple in ear’s with those “socks” applied. The Bluetooth connection is excellent, for example I am in a Buffalo Wild Wings right now and walked from the bar to the bathroom, used said bathroom, and didn’t drop any signal or audio in anyway (this place is a known black hole for all wireless signals) the only thing I would like is noise cancelling, then they would be perfect. But in all honesty by far the best wireless headphones I’ve ever owned.

    1. His “transparency” is feeling more and more opaque, and his “passion for products” forced.

      All those billions and in the center of the tech world and they can’t hire enough engineers to dedicate enough full time to Macs and Mac OS?

      Puh-leese, supply chain guy who can’t get popular new goods out in quantity…..

    2. Gotta agree. Tim Cook is no marketing dweeb. But he keeps taking his talking points from marketing dweebs. Should we snore or cry? [I’ll skip the emoji]

      I say, let’s be annoyed and prod Apple back into, as Steve Jobs was fond of saying, FOCUS!

      This isn’t all about Tim Cook. It IS all about Apple the company.

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