Apple to release ‘iPhone 7s’ range in 2017, including 5-inch model, sources say

“According to information from a Taiwan supplier, the iPhone model that is going to be released in 2017 is the iPhone 7s -iPhone 7s Plus as an updated version of the iPhone 7 – iPhone 7 Plus, and they have a plan to release a medium-sized 5-inches model in this lineup,” Mac Okatara reports.

“The basic specification is the same with the iPhone 7s – iPhone 7s Plus,” Mac Okatara reports. “And the [Plus models’ Dual] cameras are installed vertically instead of horizontally, and various specifications are still under consideration.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If Apple does another “S” model range, especially on the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, it’ll only be to highlight the discrepancy between them and their flagship OLED “iPhone 8” or, better yet, just plain “iPhone.” (We can refer to them individually simply by adding the year as with Macs – i.e. “iPhone (2017).”


  1. If there are 7S and 7S plus models they will be at an attractive price and be filled with much better technology. These will be aimed at more price conscious buyers and developing markets. The flagship will be the 8, or whatever it is called. Sales will be off the charts.

  2. This is the usual early article to ruffle everybody’s feathers and cast a negative half glass empty on AAPL. More money is made on shorting AAPL than on anything long term. People can go on headlines or do their homework. I think Cook and Apple knows iPhone 7s or iPhone 8 has to really push the envelope. Like Trump, give Cook a chance, or you become CEO. I’m not his biggest fan, but I don’t have a better replacement.

  3. 4 years of the same form factor… with only 1 new model in one size?…..
    Yup… great planing and foresight .

    I have a hard time believeing this … but with the way Apple has been acting lately i guess anything is possible….

    I have gone from salivating and excitedly waithing for Apple’s new product releases.. .. to chewing on my nails in fear of another potentially stupid move.

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