More evidence suggests Apple tie-up with true wireless charging firm Energous

“Rumors of a potential partnership between Apple and long-distance wireless charging firm Energous refuse to die,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider. “In the latest tidbit, market analyst Louis Basenese points to the recent defection of an Apple product manager, who is now helping Energous gain federal regulatory approval for its various consumer product offerings.”

“Basenese points to Billy Manning, who served as Apple’s Regulatory Certification Program Manager for seven years before taking on the position of Director of Regulatory Operations at Energous in September,” Campbell reports. “While at Apple, Manning was responsible for obtaining and maintaining regulatory certification for iPhone, iPad and iPod in major markets including China, Japan, the EU and the U.S.”

“Energous’ WattUp platform uses small antennas to transfer energy over fairly long distances, much farther than existing wireless charging solutions that rely on traditional inductive charging coils. Beyond sheer distance, the charging process is controlled by software, meaning end users can prioritize the order in which devices receive power, create charging schedules and more,” Campbell reports. “As for Apple, the company is clearly investigating a possible branded long-distance wireless charging solution. In September, the company reportedly put out feelers asking a select subset of chip suppliers for wireless charging component samples.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The evidence continues to pile up and we’re not even in 2017, yet!

Right now, the Apple Watch’s wireless charging is nice because it’s less fiddly, and especially useful in the dark, but it’s still essentially a corded charging system in practice.

Energous’ solutions are real wireless charging and would be a huge game-changer if it came to iPhone (and possibly iPad and Apple Watch, too)!

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  1. Could this be the replacement for the AirPort Extreme? Wifi and wireless charging all in one unit with Siri built in… that would be a huge product and lap the field if the receiver chips are in every device and Mac.

  2. I’ve been looking at Energous since these rumors started a couple of months back. While I still have hope, the latest from Energous themselves is that WattUp works, but will not be approved by the FCC because it is not safe for humans. I like to personally think that there is a “so far” added to the end of the statement, and I believe it will get there eventually, but that doesn’t seem to be coming soon. Fingers crossed, still!

    1. Do you have a link directly from Energous stating the FCC has denied? The reason why I’m asking is because the other day I was surfing StockTwits and WATT was trending. The posters/traders were complaining that some notorious short was spreading “false” news about the “not being safe for humans” meme. Btw – I have no position in Energous.

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