Apple’s iOS 10.2 has three nasty surprises

“While iOS 10.2 does contain a fun surprise, it doesn’t bring the crucial fixes many users crave and instead carries something else you might not have been expecting,” Gordon Kelly writes for Forbes.

Nasty Surprise #1: ‘30% Bug’ Made Even WorseIt is a problem which causes many models of iPhone to die when their battery reaches about 30% of charge remaining… iOS 10.2 brings no fixes for this issue… Moreover, some users are reporting iOS 10.2 makes the problem even worse on their devices.

Nasty Surprise #2: New Tracking Telemetry Is On Your DeviceThe plus side to the 30% Bug is Apple has promised to look into it and said it would release a software update this week which would track the battery consumption on iPhones to help the company get to the bottom of the problem. That’s all well and good but – surprise – it turns out the tracking software is baked into iOS 10.2 and no mention of this was made in the release notes.

Nasty Surprise #3: Broken EarPods Stay BrokenThe microphone from Apple Earpods is malfunctioning during calls due to a software glitch.

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, all three of these issue (#2 is just an oversight, we think) will be remedied with iOS 10.2.1.

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  1. I’m not certain but this feels sorta like fake news or maybe misleading news. If you are having battery problems it’s likely due to a battery problem that is causing it to degrade too fast. Go to Apple and have them assess if you have a phone with the bad battery component. If so, schedule a Genius Bar appointment to have them replace the battery for free. That’s what I did and the problems have stopped. Had nothing to do with the os version for me.

  2. I too consider Apple has lost it. It used to be great, it just worked. But not anymore. I have this bug of the battery suddenly going down from about 30% to almost empty. But that’s not the only problem with Apple. Take Apple Music : a complete mess, I stopped my subscription after 2 months, after going through hours of problems with the upload of my iTunes library to the ICloud Music Library and talking with numerous clueless Apple support staffers. And that’s not talking about iTunes itself, which Apple doesn’t fix, adding more bloat every time they touch it. I lost any enthusiasm I had with Apple, but hey, I am stuck with 2 Macs, an Phone, an iPad and Apple TV, so I just hope that some day soon, Apple will wake up.

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