Apple debuts two new ads for Apple Watch Nike+ and Apple Watch Series 2

Apple has debuted two new television ad for Apple Watch Series 2.

The :15 spots are called “Go Run” and “Go Play.”

“Go Run” features Apple Watch Nike+ and the Nike Run Club app. It focuses on, duh, running.

“Go Play” features Apple Watch Series 2 and the Activity app. It focuses on The Beautiful Game.

Both ads start with the Apple Watches being opened as gifts and show off Apple’s rather impressive Apple Watch boxes and packaging.

Apple’s descriptions of the ads:
• Go Run: Apple Watch makes it easier to go the distance. This Christmas, give the Gift of Go.
Go Play: Apple Watch offers the perfect assist for a healthier life. This Christmas, give the Gift of Go.

MacDailyNews Take: As runners and soccer players, we’re torn about which ad we like better. We wear our Apple Watch Nike+ smartwatches for both activities.


  1. No,no, no. Both ads induced anxiety in two of my kids. It’s supposed to be enthusiasm silly Apple. Heavy breathing is a staple signifier in horror/slasher movies.

    So where’s the joy and delight in product use or in product elegance? I don’t feel it.

  2. I don’t mind Apple doing Watch ads, (they’ve already done DOZENS of them in the last two years). As an investor I think More marketing the better.

    but show some love for Macs.

    The ONLY Mac ad for years is the ‘Bulb ‘ ad. Never seen an iMac etc ad.

    Macs make more than TWICE the revenue of Other Devices category that includes Watch, iPod, accessories and a host of other things.

    You would think that a corp. would put marketing commensurate to PROFIT POTENTIAL. but not Tim Cook …

    it seems that Cook wants to PUSH as hard as he can HIS new platform (not done by Jobs) no matter the cost supported by Ive probably who seems to love ‘fashion’ items like Watch and bands much more than utilitarian stuff like desktop Macs.

      1. referring to Watch. The thing which was supposedly designed completely with him as CEO. But I guess you can also say the Watch is more an iPhone ‘accessory’ ?

        Tim Cook really wants Watch to succeed , that’s why I think so more effort into marketing it than Macs (which even with neglect make more money).

        (flamers, I WANT the watch to succeed. I’m an investor, the more success the better. All I’m saying ‘some love’ for Mac marketing. there’s been loads of Watch ads, if they want to save money — which is bizarre as they have lots — then one less Watch ad and replace it with a combination Mac ad, one of iMacs, Minis, Mabook Airs etc together at least?)

        there aren’t even cheap Mac WEB ads . when I read MDN I get Acer, Dell etc ads (due to services tracking my Mac interest I guess — which is sort of absurd).

  3. Be nice if you could actually buy an Apple Watch. Are they just building the watches when an order comes in? You would think so since all reports are they are not selling… Would like to buy 2 but cannot find one anywhere

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