President-elect Trump named TIME’s Person of the Year; tells Apple CEO Cook: ‘It’s my ambition to get Apple to build a great plant, your biggest and your best’

President-elect Donald Trump has been named “Person of the Year” by TIME Magazine, the 90th installment of what was originally called “Man of the Year” until 1999.

In her piece explaining TIME’s choice, Nancy Gibbs writes, “We can scarcely grasp what our generation has wrought by putting a supercomputer into all of our hands, all of the time. If you are reading this, whether on a page or a screen, there is a very good chance that you are caught up in a revolution that may have started with enticing gadgets but has now reshaped everything about how we live, love, work, play, shop, share—how our very hearts and minds encounter the world around us. Why would we have imagined that our national conversation would simply go on as before, same people, same promises, same patterns? Perhaps the President-elect will stop tweeting—but only because he will have found some other means to tell the story he wants to tell directly to the audience that wants to hear it.”

MacDailyNews Take: Thanks to Steve Jobs, by the way, who never was named TIME’s Person of the Year, even though he had a much greater influence than many of those chosen in prior years.

During TIME’s Person of the Year interview, President-elect Trump mentioned Apple Inc. and Apple’s CEO Tim Cook by name:

I said to Tim Cook, it’s my ambition to get Apple to build a great plant, your biggest and your best, even if it’s only a foot by a foot bigger than some place in China. — U.S. President-elect Donald Trump

TIME Magazine's Person of the Year, President-elect Donald Trump

In the TIME Person of the Year Reader’s Poll, Apple CEO Tim Cook received 1% of the vote, tied with the likes of James Comey, Colin Kaepernick, and Megyn Kelly.

MacDailyNews Take: More American-made Apple products on the way?

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  1. “It appears (to me) to portray Trump’s attitude toward the press, that it’s looking over his shoulder and he’s pissed about it.”

    Astute observation. I believe you are correct.

    “Wrong guy for the wrong job.”

    Are you serious? The guy is the populist president and TOTAL Washington OUTSIDER beholden to no one except the average downtrodden taxpayer.

    Exactly the medicine the beltway and K Street crowd need to swallow. Finally, a businessman in office! Great things are coming and I don’t blame you for not seeing it. No one in the media, pollsters, or pro PR profession correctly predicted the outcome.

    Trump has defied the odds time and time again and come out on top. He is a shrewd genius … 🤗

    1. I think you were hoodwinked by a master demagogue.

      The signals that nothing will change are right there. The people he has invited into the cabinet are the epitome of the Washington Establishment, and particularly the K Street.

      Trump is beholden to Trump the brand, and Trump the business. And by extension, to those who helped his business and his election. While those who elected him genuinely believe he cares about them, the fact remains that Trump cares not single bit about the little people who ride buses and trains to work.

      I am pretty sure I’m not going to be the one to convince you of this. I am also quite sure that you’ll see it for yourself fairly soon.

      Just look at the Carrier AC plant fiasco in Indiana. The Union leader has incurred Trumps twitter wrath for calling him on the jobs that he supposedly saved there (and the ones that have been replaced by robots, and the other plant next door that IS in fact moving to Mexico…).

        1. Usually, they don’t. I’m sure this one never did. But that’s not really relevant here. What he said was that Trump was lying.

          Trump is on a “thank you” tour, specifically taking credit for saving 1,100 jobs at Carrier in Indiana.

          Facts, that the union leader called him on, are that Carrier agreed to keep 800 jobs, in return for tax breaks and other incentives. Meanwhile, 700 jobs are still leaving to Monterrey, Mexico.

          So, it is no 1,100 but 800. This is the story of Trump’s life: for every single achievement of his, he inflates the numbers. His personal wealth: $8 billion accoridg to him, more like $3-4 billion according to people who know this. His 90-story residential tower in Manhattan? Actually, it only has 70 floors. His original Trump Tower on 5th Avenue has 68 floors according to Trump (and the marketing material), but the city records show a 58-floor building in that place. Trump SoHo has 42 floors, but elevators go to 46. Trump Place on the west side: 31 floors (elevators go to 41st floor)…. and so on, and so on… What does he need to prove?? Is there really a difference between 42 and 46 floors that you have to stretch the truth?? It is one thing to skip 13th floor (for the superstitious fools), but making up 10 non-existent floors is just ridiculous.

            1. That may well be so (just as are you, and the Republican party), but that’s really not the point of our discussion here.

              What I’m arguing, and what you aren’t really disputing with any meaningful information, is that Trump lies by exaggeration (his own term for it is “truthful hyperbole”). What’s troubling is that there doesn’t seem to be any reason for him to lie. Why say 1,100 jobs, when he could have said the truth (800)? Especially when that lie is so easily verifiable.

              What does it say about a person who consistently exaggerates anything and everything he does? I’m sure psychologists would find plenty of answers for that, but to an ordinary person of average intelligence, it seems like he has this constant need to prove to himself and others that he is better than he actually is.

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