Smart everything: Apple’s next product transition

“‘Apple wants us to be in an Apple world, signified by the unification of their technology and the integration of software services,’ UBS analyst, Steven Milunovich, said today,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “I argue that connected machine learning is key to Apple’s future product and services plans. It wants to build smart everything.”

“Apple is working with emerging technologies as it seeks to explore future disruptive opportunities, and data analytics is part of this strategy,” Evans writes. “Apple is using data analytics across multiple products and services, including (but not limited to) Maps, iAds, Siri, iTunes and Internet services, including location-based solutions and News.”

“Apple understands the value of this data to the other markets in which it hopes to innovate as the next great technology transition emerges into view,” Evans writes. “Apple clearly wants that world to be very smart. From connected devices to devices that complement each other, from wearables to ambient solutions as evidenced by its delayed AirPods, it seems clear that part of the long term ambition here is to create product platforms that weave machine intelligence intelligently (and privately) within daily life. I imagine one of the first implications of this will be in health, where I predict analytics will improve disease control and public health.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s always darkest before the dawn.


  1. Dumb Apple products released under Cook:

    Mac Semi-Pro
    Apple Watch
    ATV 4
    Single-port Macbook/Netbook
    2016 Macbook Plus I & II
    Crapple Music
    Apple Pencil

    Tim Cook Sucks!


  2. I look forward to Apple further integrating services in the way that Johnny described, but at the same time I think it’s a shame that Apple isn’t already fully integrating data that it already has.

    For instance, on Maps, I can see where any congested roads are and on Find my Friends, I can see where my wife is driving. However I can’t call up one view and see where she is and where the congestion is in her area.

  3. I’d much rather have a product that just worked, was durable and dependable, and was intuitive to use. Having software tell me what to buy and what i might like based on pop culture is not my idea of a help.

    Seriously, we already have a generation of youngsters who claim they don’t need to learn to spell or perform maths because they can just google everything. Why are we so eager to dumb down the human race and cede proper decisionmaking to some ridiculous “big data” average of dumbass trash ideas from the kind of rabble that has taken over the internet?

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