Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple’s next-gen iPhone to feature all-glass case for wireless charging

“Apple will switch to an all-glass casing for next year’s entire iPhone lineup in order to support wireless charging, with Pegatron being the exclusive supplier of the wireless charger,” Tim Hardwick reports for MacRumors. “That’s according to the latest research note by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.”

“According to Kuo, the transition from metal to glass casing is key if Apple is to introduce a wireless charging feature in the 2017 iPhone,” Hardwick reports. “While patented engineering solutions do exist for wirelessly charging devices with metal cases, issues with wireless frequency tolerances for metal alloys can limit the speed at which charging takes place. On top of that, it is widely believed that Jony Ive has wanted to introduce an iPhone that looks like a single sheet of glass for several years.”

Hardwick reports, “Kuo remains uncertain whether a wireless charger will be bundled with all new iPhones, but expects at least some models to [get the capability] next year, with wider availability by 2018.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Is this “glass” as in Gorilla glass or is it bulk metallic glass (Liquidmetal) or both?

The timeframe would be right for Apple to begin using Liquidmetal in earnest.

I estimate that Apple will likely spend on the order of $300 million to $500 million — and three to five years — to mature the technology before it can used in large scale. — Dr. Atakan Peker, one of the Caltech researchers who invented Liquidmetal, May 2012

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  1. There is no such thing as wireless charging. The overpriced inconvenient charging puck still has to be plugged in the wall and now the user has one more thing to add to his growing bag of Apple adapters. Plus, it’s less efficient to charge.

    This idea is shite!

    1. I think the whole idea is to move past the puck and go to a room-sized range. Anything less than that is kludgy. Yes, you’re right that traditional wireless charging is lame. The only thing that’s shite, though, is your lack of foresight.

    2. Paul, you need to be up to date on the tech industry before you display your ignorance so enthusiastically. The beverage coaster or puck idea of wireless charging as improved technology, I agree, is BS.

    3. It costs around 50 cents to charge an iPhone over one year if electricity costs 12.29 cents per kilowatt-hour. Energous technology is currently 70% efficient, so there would need to be another 22 cents worth of power generated over a year per user.

      The larger WattUp transmitter has a charging distance of 15 feet. Energous’s literature doesn’t specify if the transmitter is able to broadcast in a circle, but if it possible, then the transmitter could be placed in the center of a room or ceiling and the charging distance would have a diameter of 30 feet.

      1. I would expect the charging stations to be also built into iMacs and MacBooks ( but only operational when mains powered ). I would also expect to see them installed in vehicles.

        If that were the case, then whenever you are using your computer or driving, your iPhone will also be recharging, even though it’s in your pocket, in a bag on the floor, or on your desk.

        The Energous system allows multiple chargers to be used to create a mesh network to cover larger areas if required.

    1. The iPhone 7 is a huge success and is widely lauded as the best smartphone available. And MDN has posted several articles in the iPhone.7 recently. So the relevance of you post eludes me.

      You can enjoy your current Apple products and also enjoy speculating about the next generation. Anticipation of change is one of the joys of being part of the Apple ecosystem.

      1. My only issue is that its a little too early to start promoting iphone 8 through rumors that dwarf iphone 7 features.. …. and create distraction from iphone 7 only 2 months after it has been released.

        Distraction at the hottest season for sales..
        IMO ..designed to harm sales…. they are manipulation schemes and rumors.. mostly stemming from securities brokers.

        Now if it was april/may or so… it would be more normal.

        1. This rumor could also do the opposite of what you suggest. It could convince some potential iPhone switchers to reconsider their move to Android. It could also convince people to get yearly upgrade plans. These customers will remain in the Apple ecosystem.

          Additionally, this wireless charging at a distance topic produced some interesting conversation at our Thanksgiving. The discussion then parlayed into other Apple talk. For example, I learned one of my Aunts recently purchased a MacBook Pro and was pleasantly surprised most of the data on her iPhone magically appeared on her new Apple computer. I agreed and said it was also a pleasant surprise when the first text message and phone call appeared on the Mac.

          My other aunt is getting a new POS system for her small business. This system will use an iPad Pro and Apple keyboard if needed. She also just got a new iPhone 7.

          Both Aunts are very happy with Apple products. One aunt specifically stated she will never again purchase a Windows device because of all the issues she had with that platform.

  2. Wireless charging is pretty neat. Have that built-in in my car and an adaptor that fits between my phone and the case. I never have to plug the phone in to charge. I have charging stations at home and work. The quality of 3rd party products are highly varied so that only downside is that it took me a while to find the best units.
    As for the glass back, that won’t be an issue. Most people use cases anyway so the back will be well protected.

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