Selfie deaths are slowly rising worldwide

“More people are dying for the perfect selfie,” Joshua Rhett Miller reports for The New York Post. “A new study – titled, ‘Me, Myself and My Killfie: Characterizing and Preventing Selfie Deaths’ – found that 127 people have died in a 29-month span through last September while trying to get photos of themselves at dangerous or exotic locations. ”

“The overwhelming majority of the deaths compiled by researchers occurred in India, where 76 people died,” Miller reports. “In the United States, there were eight selfie-related deaths.”

“The most common factor behind the so-called ‘selfie deaths’ – defined as a death of an individual or group that could have been avoided had the individual(s) not been taking a selfie – was a fall from an elevated location like buildings or mountains,” Miller reports. “Deaths involving both elevation and water were next, followed by fatalities involving trains, according to researchers from Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania and two colleges in India.”

“The earliest reference to a selfie-involved death was published in March 2014, they found,” Miller reports. “Since then, a total of 15 deaths were tallied in 2014, followed by 39 last year and 73 deaths through September in 2016, according to the study.”

“The study also found that men are more prone to taking dangerous selfies, accounting for 76 percent of all deaths, despite women taking more selfies than men, according to the report,” Miller reports. “More than 70 percent of all victims were ages 24 or younger, which researchers noted is consistent with earlier findings that selfies are especially popular with millennials.”

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MacDailyNews Take: In many cases, a selfie to die for is Darwinism at work.

Vanity working on a weak head, produces every sort of mischief. — Jane Austen


    1. “The obvious solution…” we know your ban cell phones quip is in jest as who would think that could become a reality. However, think of the following segments of our society that the Left has been able to stigmatize through their efforts throughout decades:

      Cigarette Smokers
      SUV Drivers
      Gun Owners

      soon to be…

      Smartphone Selfies… be careful, as a joke today, becomes a reality in the future.

  1. Can ‘Smartphone Control” be far behind?

    Oh, wait, we just elected the GOP across the board, and relegated the illogical SJWs to the backbench.


  2. You know it’s really funny timing.
    I was just talking to my son about people’s reaction to tragedies that happen to those they don’t know or care about.

    People are getting more and more selfish and cruel. YouTube videos with ‘death’ in the title have millions of views, and when a news article such as this hits the callous and loveless fall over themselves to post ‘karma’ and ‘Darwin’ comments.

    If your sister accidentally stepped into the path of a car – regardless of why – you’d rightly call it a terrible tragedy. Same thing happens to somebody you don’t know; stupid b**** deserved what she got. Darwinism at work. Right?

    This sickening trend is very, very disturbing.

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