A week editing with Apple’s new MacBook Pros and Final Cut Pro X

“We have had a week to put the new MacBook Pros through their paces,” Peter Wiggins writes for fcp.co. “What better task than to send the 13-inch and 15-inch inch to work straight out of the box on a real broadcast editing job. Over my 30 year edit career, I’ve seen equipment come and go, been promised that I can’t function without a certain piece of hardware of software and tested many, many different workflows and more importantly, expectations. So when I got the opportunity to try editing with the new MacBook Pros, I jumped at the chance.”

“I can see the Touch Bar getting more and more useful commands, hopefully one day we will be able to customise it with our own favourite FCPX keys and shortcuts,” Wiggins writes. “So why didn’t Apple have a touch screen? Well, they suck for non linear editing for a start. I had the ‘joy’ of trying out a new Surface Studio and Premiere in a Microsoft shop. Not mentioning the super-reflective screen, running your finger along the glass is actually painful. Apple’s Touch Bar has an almost matte finish, it is slippery, but won’t snag your finger. I had to resort to using the pen on the Surface Studio, which wasn’t great either. It might look good, but I wouldn’t want to work one for a long time.”

“They both make great machines to run Final Cut Pro X on. The display can show wide colour, the GUI looks very clean and easily readable and of course on the 15, the large trackpad helps reduce double finger movement and unnecessary clicking. Remember that Apple is the only NLE developer that has the luxury of being able to optimise the software and hardware together. Or in other words, things are going to run just about as fast as they can,” Wiggins writes. “We don’t think you will be disappointed with either.”

Tons more, including benchmarks, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If you’re near an Apple location, stop by and see the new Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pros. They are impossibly thin and light, yet rigid – the photos don’t do them justice!

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    1. This is true. I tried FCP X on a touchbar MBP to see if it was at all like FCP 7. I couldn’t believe it wouldn’t let me move a clip to the right on the timeline, or to any video track above the bottom one. Completely useless for anyone who’s been using FCP 7 professionally for 16 years. Premiere is the way to go, sadly

      1. What are you taking about. Did you use the Position Tool? That lets you put a clip any where you want. It does put in a gap, but I don’t see the problem. You can move it to the right or left. I don’t at all get the video above the bottom one part, just drag and drop. This is not 10.2 or 10.3 this is 10.1 stuff. Of course it does not look and feel like FCP 7. Apple ditched the 100 year old metaphor of putting film in buckets and moving film through one fixed position. They adopted something new for the 21st century. Sorry to tell you grandpa, film has been replaced. This is database driven. Try taking an online course. There are some good free ones on YouTube that will get you started the next time your at the Apple Store and want to try it out.

  1. Hmmm.

    Perhaps you need to update YOUR PRO list. Or you definition of what a PRO is.

    As part of my years in multimedia, I found that my PROs used a variety of systems. Some of the best used legacy systems and still do. But they were artists or became artists with the tools they in hand.

    Perhaps you should take a moment or two and check out the PROs and their systems that do use FCPX:



  2. Was waiting at an Apple store for a service appointment and I had time to play around with the Touch Bar with Final Cut Pro. It’s was easy to get used to and seems moderately useful the way it’s programmed now. I have an X-Keys XK-24 at my main MacPro FCPX station which is user programmable (not the easiest software but it works). If we can program which functions go into the Touch Bar, it would be perfect. I think one of the issues is the graphic representation for many functions may not be available.

    If I wasn’t repairing my old 17″ laptop (fortunately for free due to a defective GPU) and I needed a new laptop, the 15″ with Touch Bar would be it.

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