Is Apple’s MacBook Pro perfect? No, but it’s worth $3,000 to me

“There are no traditional USB ports. The keyboard is lame. The Touch Bar is a gimmick. There’s not enough memory. And worst of all, you have to buy a bunch of expensive dongles to match what your old laptop could do easily,” Stephen Shankland writes for CNET. “Those are some of the complaints dogging Apple’s new high-end laptop, the MacBook Pro.”

“And yet I just bought one without even physically handling it first,” Shankland writes. “Why? Not because I’m a fanboy. I considered my choices carefully. ”

“I stress out browsers with dozens of open tabs and edit hundreds of photos, sometimes on a tight deadline. Given that I expect to spend at least 40 hours a week for three years behind its screen, I’m willing to pay for an eye-wateringly expensive high-end 15-inch model with the fastest Intel processor and AMD graphics chip Apple offers,” Shankland writes. “I’m open to other operating systems — I also use a Google Chromebook Pixel and Dell XPS laptop daily — but my main machine is a MacBook Pro. It’s the only one I bring on vacations, business trips and daily train commutes between my home and office.”

Apple's all-new MacBook Pro introduces the revolutionary Touch Bar
Apple’s all-new MacBook Pro introduces the revolutionary Touch Bar

“That’s because despite Windows’ considerable progress, I still find MacOS better at staying up and running, especially with countless wake-sleep cycles as I open and close the laptop lid. Also, I have yet to find a Windows machine that can match Apple’s trackpads, especially three-finger drag, an option I adore,” Shankland writes. “Last, the Apple unibody chassis is unbeatably sturdy when it comes to enduring the abuse of travel.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Nothing compares to Macintosh.

Always max out your Mac purchases with RAM, storage, and CPU as best your budget allows and, with proper handling, it’ll last many, many years.

An extra $500 invested now averages out to just $13.80/month over three years.

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  1. What good does it do? You can’t do the same that you could on previous models.
    Why would i pay $3000 for something that i have to buy dongles for just to do what was built in previously?

    I love my mac yes i have a 21in iMac Core I7 and i have a macbook Air and even my air has 2 USB 3.0 ports and an SD card slot.
    I love Apple but I’m worried while Apple is locking down Microsoft is patterning with Linux and becoming more open source. Its like I’m living in a alt universe. Everything i have defended about Apple over the years is now not true anymore.

  2. The MacBook Pro might not be perfect but hardly bad enough for dozens of Youtubers to declare how horrible they think the MacBook Pro is. It just seems kind of stupid to get a product and say it’s crap because they don’t particularly like it. I don’t quite understand the hate over a product especially if it’s not causing them to lose data or whatever. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Or simply return it. Aren’t they allowed to do that?

    I sure wish I could afford to buy one. I don’t need the fastest laptop on the planet. I just need something that’s reliable and lasts a long time without giving me problems. It sure seems like the latest MacBook Pro can fulfill those needs.

    Is any laptop computer perfect with no flaws or faults? I doubt it. However, it seems there are an awful lot of people attacking the MacBook Pro and ignoring all the other dozens of laptops being made. Go after those other laptops and see how well they stack up to the MacBook Pro in usability, reliability, battery life and speed. That would be a lot more useful for consumers to compare. Simply saying the MacBook Pro sucks isn’t all that much help for anyone.

  3. he says windows has made considerable progress… where?
    * Telemetry spies on you at every turn.
    * no control over updates, when one is bad, your done.
    * Ads in your start menu, just what I always wanted. (not)
    The list could go on and on,…

  4. Over 700 article comments- all faux Mac-user bitching fudsters. If you went by the numbers, you’d be forgiven for thinking that ‘everybody’ and his dog bought a MacBook 4 years ago and now views the Surface as a better alternative. Neither of which is remotely true.
    I thank them for their unsolicited PR on the basis there is no such thing as bad publicity.

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