Pro enough: The new MacBook Pros embody the Apple way

“What fury hath Apple wrought with the new MacBook Pro? Its latest notebooks feature a thinner, lighter faster version of a flagship that out-Airs the MacBook Air — one with an updated display, the latest port technology, and a trackpad large enough to be used as a skating rink,” Ross Rubin writes for ZDNet. “Furthermore, its higher-end models offer the Touch Bar, perhaps the most intriguing notebook user interface device since the trackpad’s debut.”

Rubin writes, “And yet, the new MacBook Pros couldn’t draw more consternation if each came preloaded with a certain real estate magnate’s tax returns and a former Secretary of State’s deleted e-mails.”

“The company has drawn more ire for not allowing an upgrade to 32 GB of RAM. While Apple may well offer high-memory configurations in the future, it must be convinced that there’s enough market demand for such a product given the MacBook Pro’s already high prices,” Rubin writes. “That Apple continues to avoid putting a touchscreen on the Mac should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed both its reaction — and the market’s reaction — to touch-enabled laptops.”

The all-new MacBook Pro introduces the revolutionary Touch Bar, but ditches the classic Mac startup chime
The all-new MacBook Pro introduces the revolutionary Touch Bar, but ditches the classic Mac startup chime

“When you buy a Mac, you are not just buying a productivity tool. You are buying a product that exists as an expression of Apple,” Rubin writes. “In many cases, those protesting some Apple shift such as removing legacy ports are not avoiding the acceptance of Apple’s Mac decisions, just delaying it. Even if, as relatively few do, they abandon the Mac.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote last Friday:

We’ve seen these type of reaction to the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar more times than we can count. It’s called “change” and, by the way: The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

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  1. Unfortunately, Steve Jobs’ real legacy looks like it’s going to be providing excuses to numbskulls who make bad decisions.

    The Mac STILL makes more money than the iPad.

    Abandoning the content CREATORS is not a good strategy for long term growth.

    #hackintosh – I’ve made up my mind – and if Apple breaks that I’ll suck it up and go Winbloze – it’s over

  2. Bear in mind that the overwhelming number of purchasers are happy with the new offerings. It’s pretty much only the complainers that you hear from.
    If you are a genuine Pro user then of course you’ll bloody well invest in a wireless SD card for your DSLR and attach a couple of dongles onto the ends of your frequently used peripherals. No actual professional in their right mind would actually carry them around separately and manually attach and detach them every time.
    You would just leave them attached to your main connectors that you are already packing and unpacking anyway or just leave them on your desktop for when you return to base.
    If this is a major imposition on your finances then I dare say you’re not really a professional who earns money from your MBP and actually invests in your own productivity to enhance your earning capacity.
    As for the lack of 32GB RAM option we’ve already heard about the reasons for limiting it to 16GB. Can you imagine the howls of protest for the resultant reduced battery life and expense that would come from a 32GB version using the current chips?
    Enough with the “look at me” whinging. Either buy it or don’t. Good luck with your Windows machine. Just how much time do you think you’ll lose keeping up with patches and constant background virus checks and a rapidly slowing machine compared to clicking in a few dongles?

    1. @ninetimesoutoften … true, most actual buyers are happy, but analytically, that’s a self-selected and thus statistically biased sample.

      And FYI, surveys of new car buyers found 95+% satisfaction rates … across all brands & all models. Same thing: it is an utterly useless metric.

      “If you are a genuine Pro user then of course you’ll bloody well invest in a wireless SD card for your DSLR”.

      Check the specs: the bandwith of wireless will only transfer (max) 10GB per hour….and here’s 600+GB of cards. Do the math.


      “No actual professional in their right mind would actually carry them around separately and manually attach and detach them every time.”

      Except for every time that the laptop gets unpacked & repacked. Had a shoot last month where we changed accommodations ten (10) times.

      “If this is a major imposition on your finances…”

      When you’re also buying a Canon 400mm DO IS f/4L lens, every unnecessary BS expense adds up.

      “…32GB RAM…”

      Yes, but in counterpoint, tolerance for such shortcomings would have been vastly more palatable had the refresh had arrived a year earlier. And without a $500 bump for the slice of an iPad (to enable ApplePay, not workflows) added in.

      ” Either buy it or don’t. Good luck with your Windows machine.”


      See, these are just tools and we already have Windows PC’s and the experience maintaining them.

      And in looking at replacing OS X, with Aperture killed off by Apple, Adobe Lightroom is OS-agnostic.

      So the desktop choice there comes down to 1000+ day stale “Trash Can” … and I’ve already run the numbers: converting from OS X to Windows will save us $2000 per node.

      Sure, OS X is nice, but it isn’t “+$2K per Machine” nice.

      ” Just how much time do you think you’ll lose keeping up with patches …”

      Just like OS X, Windows maintains itself pretty darn well, running overnight in the background. This complaint about Microsoft is old, stale and no longer true – – which unfortunately means that the Apple Fanboys are guilty of spreading FUD on this one.

  3. We’re seeing the results of Apple’s “Pro enough” stance in not only the MacBook lineup, but in the current iMac lineup, and even in iOS.
    The ”Pro enough” attitude that Apple is adopting seems apparent to me that Mr. Cook does not know or care very much about the Mac and what the impact of no desktop Macs mean or cares about the average and higher end Mac creative professionals who still need powerful, desktop class professional computing platforms to perform their professional and creative work!
    Tablets and laptops aren’t going to hack it for this type of professional level work.
    “Pro enough” means reduced/omitted hardware features.
    “Pro enough” means OSes and software with less powerful features!
    “Pro enough” simply sucks for the professional Mac user!
    If “Pro enough” is the new Apple way, you are going to see a lot of Mac users going “enough is enough!” “Buh-bye Apple.
    Hello, Windows!

  4. “Good luck with your Windows machine.”
    Many Apple Pros don’t want to buy Windows machine they are saying Apple might be FORCING them onto Windows..
    for certain pros you can’t run a business when your GPUs for example are ONE THIRD the speed of your Win competitors (as is the case of the Cylinder now).

    “Enough with the “look at me” whinging. Either buy it or don’t.”

    If THAT is Apple’s attitude then it’s against all the stuff Tim Cook has been espousing on his soapbox about being ‘honourable, doing the right thing, looking after minority rights (aren’t Pros a Minority?) etc.’

    Pros invested a lot into hardware peripherals, software etc AFTER LISTENING TO APPLE’S SPIEL THAT THEY ARE COMMITTED TO MAC TO PROS. Jobs had Mac photoshop shootouts against Windows machines to entice Pro users. For years Apple campaigned hard to get pro users , that’s why they originally got Aperture, then Final Cut etc. Pro graphic users are the once that kept Apple alive during the dark days because Macs have better graphics ability.

    So now Apple is going to abandon these people who listened to them and who built up a whole expensive Apple ecosystem because of that? that’s honourable?

    Tim Cook actually got into a fight (which he rarely does) with shareholder in a shareholder meeting when the person said some ‘ sustainability ‘ stuff Apple was doing had questionable ROI (return on Investment). Cook snapped on him and asked him to sell his Apple shares. :
    “Mr. Cook replied –with an uncharacteristic display of emotion–that a return on investment (ROI) was not the primary consideration on such issue… “I don’t consider the bloody ROI.. The company does “a lot of things for reasons besides profit motive. We want to leave the world better than we found it.. “If you want me to do things only for ROI reasons, you should get out of this stock.”

    (note: Macs, even Mac Pros if the built a Tower I don’t think will lose money.)
    Tim Cook as said over and over he’s using Apple to lead the way in ethics for industry. If he screws Pro users it sort of blows his cred down the tubes.

  5. thank you Apple, for TouchBar, but unfortunately this is my take on Apple’s new MacBook Pros:
    please forward to right Apple dept. as it is crucial that Apple realizes how it frustrates & alienates its PRO users!

    problems preventing real Pro users to buy TouchBarMacBookPro:
    1. Apple marketing hype: MacBook “PRO” is not really pro but for Consumers. Apple has been DE-PRIORITIZING the Mac, not respecting it for years, esp. Pro users! 
    From the lack of Mac Pro designs to Pro laptop omissions

    Apple’s New MacBook Pro is a “HIT” headlines is premature!
    Apple’s 12% Mac Pro base is not so happy. Is Apple NOT realistic anymore?

    Apple can not obfuscate the unrealistic matters Pro users care about. Not even with articles such as 9To5Mac’s “People are complaining about the wrong things with the new MacBook Pro”
    author defends Apple that pushes Future Now. As with original USB, Apple is mainstreaming USB-C. Apple tradition is to drop old tech, to force change ; )
    see why it is a disingenuous argument in 2, 3…

    More fodder on “pro Lie” via the Verge Nov7

    2. Dongle HELL?!
    dongle is what Apple calls “adapters”.

    there has been a Pro users unprecedented BACKLASH on new TouchBar-MacBook Pro omissions.
    BBC article 2016-11-04 
    says Apple is already DISCOUNTiNG the dongles at 50% off, because of backlash, is it true?
    Apple’s dongle/adapter mess AppleStore page:

    the “anger” at omissions is stronger than on previous “just work” Apple products that moved industry forward: 
    diskette / CD / Firewire / Headphone jack / etc. 
    this time: SD card port / USB / HDMI / ethernet / Lightning / MagSafe! 
    Apple “We want to help them move to the latest technology and peripherals, as well as accelerate the growth of this new ecosystem.” is disingenuous, unless Apple really means it. If Apple really wants to solve the user frustration & move tech forward, then why 50% off when it can lower the backlash & raise the acceleration with at least including 2 free dongles (the more popular adapters)?!

    Why go against Apple’s “just work” philosophy and make users waste time shopping and spending for so many adapters.
    Wired mag suggest $40 Griffin “BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable” Charger, but it is not really Apple-MagSafe!

    Why should we have to spend on $80!! USB-C Multiport Adapters i.e. by Moshi

    3. Odd Priorities at Apple: Pro users don’t care for lightness/battery life.
    Apple is alienating the 12% Mac Pro base by focusing too much on mobility.
    Apple is unrealistic. Pro users works on desks, many or most do not need mobility.
    laptops are more for business & consumer users, not creative power users. 
    either add more power/flex to Pro laptops or do not call them Pro. it is confusing & disingenuous.
    Apple has forgotten and disrespected the pro users since before mid 2007 iPhone, and has focused too much on mobile users. 
    Apple forgets that the creative pro users are the ones that saved it from bankruptcy in 1997.
    Apple forgets that even with 12% pro users, we pro users are the biggest spending individuals for Apple hardware.
    Show some respect – for our demands/needs – you can still show mobile users respect, but it should not be one-sided, as political correctness.
    what the heck happened to Apple’s creative genius, free-spirited mojo of Pirates in Silicon Valley?

    CheatSheet article 2016-11-03

    4. Apple is taking much too long – 3+ years (2013-12-19) to upgrade pro users – MacPro (cylinder) 
    the 2013 MacPro was the first redesign since the MacPro metal tower form factor 2008-01-08, or worse, since the plastic tower form factor PowerMac G3 (bondi blue) 1999-01!
    Apple frustratingly makes it real power users wait much too long.

    5. Pro users need Power (Nvidia is stronger than AMD incl. in new Mac Book Pros?!)  
    Pro users are intensive professional creatives!

    6. COSTLY!
    new MacBook Pros have 25th Anniversary price. They are the 1st price raise for MacBook Pros in years. 
    Not just £500 more in UK. for all the omissions listed above, it’s a bit abusive to charge so much. 

    7. 16GB RAM is NOT Pro! it is too little. 

    8. no Upgradeability (in older MacBooks you could at least raise RAM).
    Now Apple forces you to
    a. wait for more than 16GB RAM model and
    b. pay for another laptop since you can not customize it

    9. if Pro MacBook, then why no longer 17”, why stop at 15”?!

    10. if Pro users are respected, why rid Apple Monitors, why have no Apple quality/design/standard matching Mac Pro (cylinder)?!

    11. if Pro users are respected, why did Apple not upgrade to bigger iPad Pro, even went smaller than 12.9?!

    12. i have been a Mac fan/buyer since 1984. i am a graphic designer. i use the full power of Macs, so use them at full capacity over the years.
    i just gave gifted my iMac 2012 27” Retina fully loaded to my father who was so frustrated with his Windows pc.
    i still have my fully loaded 27” 2014 iMac (5K).
    however i need a 2nd Mac!
    so, after the beguiling TouchBar on the MacBook Pro, i still can not justify to buy it, for all the reasons above.
    i still need a desktop.
    i still need a new iMac. 
    but Apple has not really upgraded or redesigned the iMac 5mm since 2012-10-23 or the form factor since iMac G5 2004-09-01.
    the current iMac 5mm Retina is already 4 years old.
    then incremental graphic card updates are not enough. it is not serious.

    the problem is the 1 new MacPro, is unaffordable for freelance pro users, $4-$7k, esp. when you still have to spend on a pro monitor!
    there should be a Mac in between the iMac & MacPro, whether it is an iMac Pro or diluted MacPro.

    the point here is, i am willing to buy a new Mac.
    but not when there’s no new upgraded/redesigned/bigger iMac or iPad Pro and when the MacBook Pro is not powerful/practical enough.
    3 missing Macs in the lineup!
    Apple frustratingly makes it real power users wait much too long. bad for our business and yours.
    Apple does not help us pro users buy more Macs!

    13. do NOT make us switch/defect to the Dark Side! Windows / Surface Pro etc.
    until Apple fixes the real pro user gap & until they re-prioritize for pro-users & until we pro-users are respected again,
    it will be tough to convince us.

    Not to mention, is it true Microsoft invented the TouchBar ““Adaptive Keyboard” in 1999, finalized by 2009, and Apple copied for once?

    How/Where are we wrong with all the points made here?
    the only right argument in favor of Apple’s decisions:
    simplified sophistication or sophisticated simplicity, cutting down to essence, is the way forward, indeed.
    the only smart comment on this is Ross Rubin’s Cnet article Nov7
    1. more power is no longer priority at Apple as parts get more expensive & Apple tests demand for future upgrades?
    2. Apple user base is no longer pro users but corporate users?
    3. dongle hell now, but when industry moves forward, thanks to Apple’s push, eventually there will be dongle zen (only 1 adapter for all devices ; )
    1 + 2 screws creative pros.
    3. how many years will we have to wait?
    4. see 15. below!

    we just want to know: how serious is Apple towards pro users (the new MacBook Pros are realistically consumer products, not for us)?!
    instead of 3 TouchBar laptop choices incl. old TouchBar-less 12”, why not add a real pro choice laptop?!

    15. last but not least, can Apple at least surprise us pro users with a goody, before R&Ding a new Mac desktop? 
    if Pro users are respected by Apple, you should have at least produced a Desktop TouchBar keyboard for desktop Macs (iMacs + Mac Pros + Mac minis)!
    you have experience with Magic Keyboards/mice and already do the TouchBar, so why not give your Mac Pro users respect with Apple flair?
    What would be Apple’s excuse not to produce a separate stand-alone Desktop Magic TouchBar keyboard?

    it is already in demand! ; )
    see ”

    sincerely & in hope,
    real (intense ; ) pro users

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