Apple axes iconic Mac startup chime from new MacBook Pros

“The new MacBook Pros lack the iconic Mac chime when booting up,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “This is the distinctive noise heard at startup when the Mac passes the initial POST checks; Apple has used the same F-sharp chord sound in its computers since 1998.”

“The new MacBooks end this tradition as the chime has been removed completely and the machines will make no noise at all on boot, unless there is a fault,” Mayo reports. “However, there seems to be a good reason for this change.”

“The late-2016 laptops actually turn themselves on when you open the lid. Current MacBooks wake when the lid is opened if they are sleeping but the new machines go one step further. If they are fully switched off, opening the laptop will automatically turn them on, removing the need to press the power button,” Mayo reports. “This new feature rationalizes the decision to remove the startup chime, as it means the MacBooks turn on automatically and silently. It would be annoying to open the lid in a meeting to have it make the noise of its own accord.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The end of an era, but also the beginning of a new one. It’ll be nice to not disturb people with the startup chime. Thanks to SSDs, Macs start up so quickly now, you’ll forget if you Shut Down your Mac or just put it to sleep last time.


  1. I hope this vestige of the 20th century is on its way out for all Macs. I can’t remember how many times I’ve turned on a Mac late at night and had a booming chime try to wake up someone. I have to remember to turn sound down every time I shut down.
    If someone knows how to disable the chime, please share.

  2. Very Bad Idea. The Mac startup sound is its calling card.

    Provide a method of turning the start chime OFF by all means! But don’t make it the default! It’s like changing the computer’s name to ‘Crab’! I want a Macintosh!

  3. New MacBook Pro can bring back the Mac startup chime with a simple Terminal command. To re-enable the boot tone, open Terminal from your /Applications/Utilities folder and execute the following command in macOS by pasting the line below into the Terminal window, then press Enter:

    sudo nvram BootAudio=%01

    You may be asked to enter your administrative password.

    If you prefer silent boot mode, execute the following command to kill the startup chime:

    sudo nvram BootAudio=%00

    The Mac startup chime as we know it made its debut on the 1993 iMac G3, but different versions of it have been present on Macs since the Macintosh II. If you want to disable the startup chime permanently on older Macs, check out this tutorial from Anthony.

    1. “The Mac startup chime as we know it made its debut on the , but different versions of it have been present on Macs since the Macintosh II.”

      1993 iMac G3? I could be wrong, but I thought iMacs debuted in 1997 or later when Steve returned from the wilderness.

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