Apple will remain loyal to the Mac until Mac users die off

Yesterday, with the new MacBook Pro, Apple “refined a critical product line in a portion of its business that Apple likely understands is in a permanent decline,” Mark Rogowsky writes for Forbes. “Total PCs sold peaked at 365 million in 2011, falling to 288 million in 2015. There is no turnaround in sight, with 2016 expected to finish the year down another 5% or more.”

“It’s against that backdrop that Apple rolled out the biggest upgrades to the 4-year-old MacBook Pro. Apple, more than many, understands that computing has shifted away from traditional computers to smartphones and tablets,” Rogowsky writes. “Yet it remains loyal to the Mac, which is now approaching its 33 birthday, as do many of its oldest customers. For those reasons, it will continue to update the Mac but is unlikely to ever emphasize it again.”

“Consider what CEO Tim Cook said a year ago, soon after the launch of the iPad Pro: ‘I think if you’re looking at a PC, why would you buy a PC anymore? No really, why would you buy one? [T]he iPad Pro is a replacement for a notebook or a desktop for many, many people. They will start using it and conclude they no longer need to use anything else, other than their phone,'” Rogowsky writes. “Cook is betting that Apple can keep satisfying the generation that grew up on PCs with incremental change to the Macintosh while he keeps Apple pointed at younger generations, for whom PCs are less and less important.”

“The company decided several years ago that touchscreen PCs offer a lousy user experience: Whether on a laptop or desktop, the screen is too far away to be easily pressed most of the time,” Rogowsky writes. “Notably, the iPad Pro keyboard solves that [issue] …by being shallower than a laptop, it brings the screen closer to the user, making touching it dramatically easier.”

“Apple already makes about half the PC industry’s profits selling <10% of the world’s 'computers,'" Rogowsky writes. "With the new Macbook Pros it will likely see growth in that segment in 2017 even while the segment itself continues to slowly disappear."

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MacDailyNews Take: iOS and iPad are not there yet for power users, but, with every iteration, they get closer, converting great swaths of traditional “personal computer” users into multi-touch users. To see an iPad being used in the hands of kids who’ve only used Multi-Touch computers is to see the future.

Jobs sent not his iPad into the world to condemn the computer; but that the computer through iPad might be saved.MacDailyNews, February 8, 2010

Ask yourself, “What does the vast majority use a computer for?” Web browsing, email, some word processing, and games. That’s about it. Really. Of course, iPad does all of that and much, much more. — MacDailyNews, June 22, 2012

Welcome to the new world of personal computing for the masses. Given what the average users do, Apple’s iPad is what “personal computing” for the average user should’ve always been, had the technology existed back when Steve Jobs first delivered personal computing to the masses.MacDailyNews, November 11, 2015

Yes, for anyone who feels that they are forcing themselves to use an iPad where they’d prefer to use their Mac, the iPad is not there, yet. For many, iPad is there already. As iOS and iOS apps continue to evolve and the hardware gets ever more powerful and sophisticated, most of us will get there eventually. — MacDailyNews, November 19, 2015

Traditional PCs (think Windows and even Macs) always were massive, massive overkill for most people. Way, way more complexity, power, and configurability than the vast majority required. The general public needed computing appliances, so that’s what Steve Jobs and his vast legion of patent- and trade dress-infringing imitators gave them. — MacDailyNews, April 12, 2016


  1. There is NO mobile device on the planet, so far, that is on parity with a full blown powerful desktop computer.
    Laptops are only a close second,in terms of performance, to a desktop computer.
    Mr. Timothy Cook is NOT any type of visionary whatsoever!
    Only a seriously overpaid Apple caretaker
    To dismiss the power and the future of desktop computing clearly shows that Mr. Cook hasn’t a clue about how necessary desktop Macs are needed!
    I don’t want to EVER have to spend money on an expensive model MacBook Pro AND have to purchase another expensive piece of hardware in the form an expensive high quality large screen monitor to do my work when it will be WHOLE lot cheaper to purchase a state of the art all in one Mac with a large built in screen for much less!
    Tim Cook is good at running Apple, but that is all!
    Apple needs to find someone to act as its visionary!
    I do not think Sir Jony Ive is a true design visionary for Apple any longer!
    I think him and Steve Jobs were a working team and there WAS design and product visions BETWEEN both of them.
    Sir Ive alone with no other visionary person’s visions or designs, relevant to Apple, has been left to his own devices and those of a truly visionless CEO with no real ideas for groundbreaking product and computer designs for Apple.
    Tim Cook is just another company CEO, like every other company CEO whose is only doing well because Mr. Jobs is the one who did all of the work to make Apple as successful as it is and everyone at Apple is just riding out the wave until Apple is totally product and design clueless and, eventually dies or gets bought out by some other company with a big cash cow!
    I told people soon after Mr. Jobs died, that I give Apple 5 year as most product and car companies usually have, at least, a 5 year plan with 5 years of product lines already in the pipeline.
    Here we are at the end of the 5 year mark and questionable products and lack of signature Apple products and questionable decisions are starting to appear at Apple.
    I predict a downward trend for Apple from 2017 forward!

    1. I just tried to configure a Lenovo Thinkpad P50s to approximately the same specs as the 15″ mbp
      The price between the two machines are just about the same. I find thinkpad one of the better quality notebooks although they are not built like a tank anymore. Mbpro’s has always had more years in them than any pc I have ever had.
      Not to defend the Apple pricing but more to try and add some reality into the discussion.
      I am sure you can find less expensive machines possibly with higher spec’s. But is that really an apples to apples comparison 🙂

      Others seems to blame eveything on Tim Cook. Fire Tim Cook is a BS statement. It must be teamwork to produce a new mbp.
      You can argue that Apple management may be to confident in there own mind to see the increased competition.
      The argument that they design for experience and not for price may be right. But experience alone doesn’t make it.
      When I am working on a 100+ track Logic Pro X project (on an iMac) then we are talking about work. Not so much aestetics or experience.
      The new MBP’s are not the replacement for my iMac. But I have maxed out my iMac and I do not know what Apple have in the pipeline or when/if it will see the day of light.

      1. “Fire Tim Cook is a BS statement.”


        So the person in charge is not to blame for the lack of upgrading the ENTIRE MAC LINE?!?

        Get a grip.

        Sorry to say, Tim needs to move on …

  2. “they remain loyal to the Mac”

    stupid comment.

    Mac Pro : three years old no drop in price
    Hackintosh 2-3 times faster especially in GPU intensive tasks.

    there is no good Apple solution today for high end users who need GPU power.

    Mac Mini : no update. new models more crippled than old.

    iMac ?
    (as a Cintiq user I think the Win Surface Studio has problems but at least they are ‘trying’ to innovate. What we’ve got in 6 years for iMac is more pixels and EXTRA thin… )

    No mid tower (one multicore workstation processor, fast subsystem, upgradable components like GPU).
    between the Mini and Pro which many have been clamouring for.

    no answer to Chromebooks in schools where Apple has dropped from great position to 10% (including iPads ) and chrome books to 50% plus . (where the A chip Cloud book? — running a modified OSX/MacOS so it won’t cannibalize Macs. Education market is important to train NEW customers, multiplied by dozens of countries. )

    various Mac related things from airport devices, software like Pages, Cloud issues, the Mac App store not up to stellar standards we expect. Numerous complaints from Mac developers about being ignored by Apple management.

    Apple senior management have time to visit Fashion Shows, rock concerts, charity events but we don’t see them visiting businesses (like studios, labs etc) that use Macs at the high end or making speeches at conferences like Siggraph where power computing is front and centre or PC games conventions like Blizzcon. How does Apple management understand Mac user needs? )

    No Mac marketing, not even cheap web ads for years, not even during the Win 8 fiasco. Without updates and with no marketing makes Mac sales dropping (and Cook’s “who needs a PC” ) a forced self inflicted prophecy

    “loyal to the Mac” ????

  3. The new Macbook pros are gorgeous workhorses for the niche users who need that power to edit however many streams of 4k video. It’s not a huge market numbers wise.
    So I think they have to keep something like the Air as an option. Maybe that’s an arm powered iOS laptop but I can see the general consumer getting one of these Pro machines..

  4. I think I know how Apple values the Mac, or maybe any product they sell.

    If they can make an ad showing a couple of hipster types walking on a major metropolitan street carrying the thinnest possible metallic silver “devices” on the way to a coffee shop, they think they have done their job.

    They have projected an “image” even though the device in the ad might not even be real. It’s all about what the users and the product look like, nothing more.

  5. Just heard they killed the original Mac startup chime on the new machines. I miss THIS Apple more and more each presentation, keynote, update and product release:

    1. Hahahaha! It’s pretty insane when you have 7-8 machines doing that all at once, all day as you work on other people’s computers. Oddly, we never really got tired of that groove. Whoever wrote the music and then did the graphics for it, did a great job. Sometimes it would still make us stop and dance like nerds. 😉

      Snow Leo was a great OS too. Fast, small, light on its feet. Ever notice how all of the even numbered OS releases seem to be that way, while the odd numbered ones are dogs? 10.8, 10.10, and hopefully 10.12 just seem to be better, more stable and long lasting releases.

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