IBM and Apple bring Watson into the iOS enterprise

“The transformative potential of the iOS enterprise took a huge step forward this week, with IBM giving iPhone users in-app access to the powerful cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson, using MobileFirst for iOS apps,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“This is yet another dramatic outcome from the Apple/IBM partnership, which has already established Macs to be far, far cheaper to run than Windows machines, including system purchase costs,” Evans writes. “This latest move seems likely to have a profound impact in a huge range of real world situations across multiple industries and reinforce Apple’s growing position in enterprise IT. The move means ‘made-for-business apps now have the ability to understand, reason and learn based on deep data analytics,’ according to IBM.”

“‘Watson continuously learns from previous interactions, gaining in value and knowledge over time,’ IBM said. The system can sense, create conclusions, and learn from experience,” Evans writes. “In future I imagine we’ll see Siri and Watson become even closer in their capacity.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Long live iOS.

    Macs were already a niche product in a niche market (see MSN post below). It has like 6% market share.
    Mac is dead. Thanks Tim.

    Microsoft just KILLED the Mac.

    Absolute homicidal maniacal murder.

      1. A flashy hinge aka the first flat screen IMac probably. Give them some credit mind, at least they are trying but looks pretty niche to me aimed more at mindshare than practical for the overwhelming majority. That said I guess it’s what happens over the next 5 years or o and if Apple can actually be bothered to take the high end Mac to something more than iterations of the same concept.

    1. An Neanderthal throwback troll post. You must have copied most of it from 1995.

      The Mac’s market share of PC sales is currently ~7.2%. I’m judging by a quote from IDC in July and adding the fact that Mac market rose again in Apple’s fourth quarter. It may well be higher.

      IOW: It is like 7.2%. Mac is not dead. Bite me anonymous coward RIP Mac dumbass.

      1. You are the dumbass curry.
        7.2 is pathetic for a company with so much cash it could buy several small nations, and shills like you thinking it’s fine
        and dandy are idiots.
        Go F yourself you braindead twat.

        1. … All stated from the safety of anonymity. Needless to say, you’re a coward talking, as we all do in the way we treat others, to the mirror. I’m fine with my reflection. That’s why I’m not anonymous.

          So who are you?

          Meanwhile, to those who don’t talk like Neanderthals, fingers crossed that Apple pulls some cute fluffy rabbits out of their Mac hat today.

          1. You’re not anonymous? That’s laughable. There are several hundred Derek Curries in the Whitepages alone. Tell us where you live and work, and then we’ll know who this MDN Derek Currie really is. RIP Mac makes some valid points, but you can’t see much beyond the sophomoric MDN lens. You’re more the troll in this case.

            1. You are a liar. That’s desperate of you. I must be VERY important to you in particular, anonymous coward. Hmm. Now who does that sound like? Oh yeah! My net stalker! I already told you I shall never love you.

              And RIP Mac was just another ass like you, or maybe he is you. We wouldn’t know because the posts are both by anonymous cowards rather than people who actually cared about what they were posting.

              So some hearty finger flinging to you, useless waste of bits, bytes and bullshit.

  2. Thank you spyintheskyuk.
    The rest of the wankers here have nothing considered and cogent to say to Mr. RIP Mac except bleating “troll”?

    This ‘surface’ desktop is effing amazing. It’s solves the ‘gorilla arm’ issue and is aimed squarely at professionals – customers Apple has been ignoring for a decade.
    Said it over and over, this ain’t Monkey Boy’s M$ any more. Mr Nutella is **ten times** the leader Cook is, taking M$ from laughable also-ran to serious contender in less than 2 years.

    Apple is hemorrhaging Mac customers (pro and otherwise) and has been for some time, chiefly because we’ve been saddled with:
    The same Leno-chinned iMac design now for TWELVE sodding years.(379 days since last update.)
    A Mac ‘Pro’ that is anything but professional.
    (1042 days since last update.)
    A painfully slow Mac mini with stupid soldered on RAM.
    (741 days since last update.)
    A MacBook Pro with chips multiple generations old.
    (526 days since last update.)

    I’m going to be glued to my computer tomorrow with high expectations, and Apple had better damn well deliver.
    If it’s yet more “20% thinner, 20% faster” BS I’m going to switch and send a nice letter Cook and tell him that he and his boyfriend can jump in the lake.
    No I won’t like the change, but Adobe apps run better on Windows, it’ll beat being shat on by Apple, and at least I’ll get to enjoy debating grown ups in the forums.

    1. I agree with your points, though not so much the nasties included. I will point out I’ve halfed my investment in Apple over the last week, and like you am awaiting the Mac unvielings to determine if Apple can indeed manage two operating systems and hardware offerings. If the new machines are lacking I’ll be selling the remainder in short order.

      1. You’re hearing pent up frustration, but I meant every last word.

        Aperture was my go to photo development app until Cook let it die on the vine. They had already shafted video pros with a comical iMovie Pro release of Final Cut, sending 90% of their clients to Premier. Lightroom went to version 4 and then 5 until one day an Apple exec happened to mention to a Macworld journo that they had decided against further development of Aperture.
        Yeah, thanks for the heads up Apple.

        Adobe sized the moment with CC, a massive cash grab that locked customers in and competition (along with innovation) out.
        Aperture and FCP gone, creatives now had zero reason to stay Mac, and, predictably, Mac sales have stalled.
        Apple STILL does not understand that pros drive Mac sales. They are Apple’s staunchest, most dedicated supporters and most vocal advocates, or were, and even IF Apple pulls out some nice hardware tomorrow they cannot be trusted to keep the updates fresh.
        We’ll be having the exact same conversation 3 years from now.

        So I’d love someone to defend 1042 days without an update to Apple’s flagship pro machine. With $2.3billion sitting in the bank.

        Mr Nutella at M$ must be wondering how he blundered onto such an easy prey, and he’s wasting no time in taking creatives off Cook’s limp hands.
        W10 is stable, flexible and popular, the days of Vista jokes are over.
        Meanwhile Apple renames OS X to macOS… and does F all else.
        Amazing how quick things turn around isn’t it?

        Steve really should have left a man in charge.

        1. Your vitriol is bullshit. If you believe what you write, you are either:
          – Merely a troll
          – Or insane… carrying out using hardware and software you think are horribly inferior.

          So piss off already… and enjoy Windows, or Linux, or whatever.

      1. That is, and always has been, the number one question…people fall for it because it somehow just works…charlatans of every sort are practical psychologists. They know empirically how to hoodwink people. It’s a talent. Benito Mussolini, Josef Stalin. Donald Trump, they have charisma. They inspire emotional trust, and dampen rational reflection.

        1. Studying Trump’s language, both verbal and body, as he spins his webs is fascinating. Or rather, it’s fascinating to watch the mesmerized responding to his language. Or rather, it’s depressing to watch the mesmerized responding to his language.

          There are plenty of videos online of Trump back in the 1960s and 1970s when he bothered to speak like a coherent, intelligent, well educated human being. These days, he bothers to portray none of the above to his audience. His use of words is minimal. His gestures are minimal. His stated information is minimal. He clearly is communicating to the lowest common denominator among US citizens.

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