“On Saturday the federal flight ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones went into effect in the United States,” Rhett Jones reports for Gizmodo. “We asked our readers how this was working out around the globe and from the replies we’ve received, it’s safe to say that, so far, this sucks.”

“The Transportation Department’s decision to ban the Note 7 from all flights came just days after Samsung announced that it was killing the phone for good,” Jones reports. “That short window left little time for the manufacturer, wireless carriers, and airlines to present a plan for consumers—and it’s unclear if anyone even has one. So far, it seems that Samsung wants you to return the phone in this fireproof box, airlines say to leave it the fuck at home, and according to one reader, a wireless carrier suggested smuggling it in a sock.”

MacDailyNews Take: Don’t smuggle your POS Samsung in a sock (or anywhere else), risking blowing up an airplane full of crew and passengers, including yourself.

Jones reports, “Rahul tells us: ‘At the security checkpoint as a husband/partner was saying goodbye to his wife/partner, she gave her phone to him because she thought she couldn’t take it on the plane. It was a Galaxy S5 or S6, I couldn’t really tell, but definitely not a Note. So lots of confusion. Finally, we are putting a lot of faith in flight attendants who don’t know the difference between a laptop and a tablet let alone a nuanced issue like what’s happening with the Note. I wouldn’t be surprised if we lose access to our cell phones pre-take off again as a result of Samsung’s fuck up.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Tough shit.

If you wasted your money on a wannabe iPhone from an Intellectual Property- and Trade Dress-trampling South Korean dishwasher maker, you deserve your karmic desserts.

Next time, dummy, get a real iPhone.

Here’s what’s now etched into the collective mind of the public:

A plane full of Apple iPhone users:
iPhone 747

A plane full of Samsung phone users:
Samsung plane

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