Apple’s iCloud storage: 5 GB is the new 16

“Now that the iPhone 7 starts at 32 GB of storage, the constant juggling needed to avoid a full device has been left behind by more users than ever before,” Stephen Hackett writes for 512 Pixels.

“So let’s talk about iCloud storage,” Hackett writes. “While not as critical as on-device storage, available space in iCloud is an increasingly-important factor in the user experience of Apple devices like iPhones, iPads and even the Mac.”

“5 GB often isn’t enough to back up an iPhone and an iPad, let alone store years worth of family photos,” Hackett writes. “Due to the 5 GB limit, people go as far as turning off their device backups, leaving their data at greater risk of being lost… I hope that something is underway to increase the space Apple provides for free.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup.

Hopefully, Apple’s iCloud storage costs continue to come down over time as having enough room in the cloud an integral part of making everything “just work” especially with now being able to shoot RAW photos and 4K video, Optimized Storage, iCloud Drive Desktop and Documents, etc.MacDailyNews, September 28, 2016

The number one iOS-related question we get from friends and family is, “My iPhone is always telling me I need more storage. Should I buy more iCloud storage?” It’s an unnecessary — and, for many, confusing — friction point that Apple really should rethink. — MacDailyNews, September 1, 2016

It’s scary how many iPhone and iPad users we encounter who never back up their devices to their Macs or crappy Windows PCs via iTunes. As for Apple being stingy with iCloud storage? Yes, Apple is stingy…MacDailyNews, July 15, 2016

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  1. I have a Microsoft OneDrive account with 15GB of storage that I got for free, forever… And I don’t own one Microsoft anything.
    Just bought a Seagate hard drive that gave me an additional 200GB for two years on OneDrive, for free!
    Never going to pay for Apple storage.

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