Apple looks to improve cloud services by moving infrastructure onto Apple-made system ‘Pie,’ unifying teams

“Apple Inc. plans to unify its separate internet services groups into a single campus to better compete with Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Inc. in the cloud, according to people familiar with the plans,” Mark Gurman reports for Bloomberg. “Apple cloud services teams run by executive Eddy Cue, including Siri, Maps, iCloud, Apple Pay, Apple News and parts of iTunes and Apple Music, will move together into the company’s existing Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino, California, the people said. Currently, most Apple services are developed separately from each other in office parks rented out in other parts of Cupertino and Sunnyvale, California.”

“The current structure contributes to software bugs and slow product development, the people said. Bringing the teams together at a single, dedicated campus is designed to improve growth of the services business and fight competition from Google and Amazon, the people added,” Gurman reports. “While many Apple executives want to relocate their teams to the new campus, Cue thinks unifying at the old campus is a suitable way to improve his organization, one of the people said.”

“Apple is also reorganizing its cloud computing resources to bolster its services business,” Gurman reports. “The company is moving its infrastructure — things like software to process Siri queries and Apple Music downloads — onto a single, Apple-made system, according to people familiar with the matter. Code-named Pie, the platform gives Apple more control and may speed up load times.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Personally, we’d rather be together as one team in historic 1 Infinite Loop than shoehorned into the new doughnut with its “bench seating, long work tables, and open cubicles.” We expect it’ll be nice, but it sure sounds like shit.

Here’s to much-needed unification and marked improvement of Apple’s Internet Software and Services!


  1. Apple’s cloud services are never mentioned. All Wall Street ever praises is Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure and how they’re contributing to huge amounts of those companies’ revenue. It’s as though Apple doesn’t exist when it comes to cloud services and one of the main reasons why Apple’s share price is going nowhere. Apple seems to be the only major tech company that doesn’t have a powerful cloud services business. Apple has lots of data centers that don’t seem to be doing very much unless they’re only be used for internal Apple use.

    1. I think part of the problem is that it still forms such a small part of the overall business especially when compared to the two you mention and that Apple again unlike those two is still seen as fundamentally a hardware company and judged as such. However it is growing fast and in its own right a very large business and that will change over time, indeed within a few years i suspect. The big question however is as to whether Apple can indeed pull it all together into a consistent integrated structure, its far too mix and match at the moment.

    1. Seriously: The problem with dispersed teams is communication and collaboration. I hope this strategy is helpful. All I know is that Apple’s cloud stuff mostly works, but has A LOT of dedicated work required to make it actually ‘user-friendly’. As it is right now, it’s intermittently user-hostile, annoying and dysfunctional. Get To Work Apple. Please.

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