More Samsung phone recall victims to switch to Apple’s iPhone than those who’ll risk another Samsung

“Samsung’s exploding battery problem with the Galaxy Note 7 is turning out to be a boon for Apple,” Aaron Pressman reports for Fortune.

“The timing of the recall of the hazardous device came just as Apple was announcing and putting on sale its iPhone 7 line,” Pressman reports. “As part of the recall, Samsung and carriers that sold the Note 7 have been offering customers who bought defective devices with full refunds or exchange.”

“A survey finds than 26% of Note 7 owners plan to use their refunds to switch to the competition and buy iPhones—more than the 21% who said they would swap from a different Samsung model, such as the Galaxy S7,” Pressman reports. “Only 18% said they planned to get rectified versions of the Note 7, according to the online poll of 507 adults by SurveyMonkey. And 35% said they’d keep the refund, without indicating what phones they would use in the future.”

MacDailyNews Take: iPhones, if they’ve suddenly smartened up.

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MacDailyNews Take: Karma is merciless, but, in the end, perfectly fair. With Karma, one way or the other, you get exactly what you deserve.

Those who support thieves risk getting burned.

Jeep charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a Jeep charing an Apple iPhone (right)
Jeep charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a Jeep charging an Apple iPhone (right)


Garage charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a garage charging an Apple iPhone (right)
Garage charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a garage charging an Apple iPhone (right)

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “TJ” for the heads up.]


  1. I’ve met a few switchers, in forums. I am under the impression, they aren’t high quality customers to begin with. They feel they are getting an inferior product, never mind reality. If any little thing goes wrong, they threaten to return their phone and run back to Samsplode. This may change, if Apple starts using a 1440P AMOLED screen.

    I like the screen as it is, and I think I would rather not interact with some of these switchers, just to keep my distance from the negativity and Apple hate in the tone of their muse.

  2. What about the karma given to Sony for using MJ’s name to sell those Xperia phones? How come THEIR Android phones are not blowing up like bombs when they killed The King for his insurance money? Someone needs to answer or this crime.

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