35% of those stuck with Samsung’s explosive Galaxy Note 7 want a refund, 26% want to upgrade to Apple’s iPhone 7

Over one third (35%) of beleaguered Samsung’s exploding, fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 owners want refunds.

Over a quarter (26%) also presumably want refunds for their poor purchase, but then want to upgrade to Apple’s iPhone 7. We also assume they mean the iPhone 7 Plus as the display size is similar to Samsung’s exploding, fire-prone Galaxy Note 7.

The moral of the story: Just over a quarter of those who buy inferior wares from a South Korean dishwasher maker aren’t as stupid as the rest of those toting around beleaguered Samsung’s flawed and dangerous phones.


MacDailyNews Take: Hello to record iPhone sales, record Android to iOS conversion rates, and a record sales swoon for the oh-so-deserving, IP-thieving, trade dress-trampling Samsung!

Jeep charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a Jeep charing an Apple iPhone (right)
Jeep charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a Jeep charging an Apple iPhone (right)


Garage charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a garage charging an Apple iPhone (right)
Garage charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a garage charging an Apple iPhone (right)

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  1. If you already spent more money on a Samsung than an iPhone…then shouldn’t that mean whatever comes after is well deserved? I think they should stick with Sammy as punishment for not getting it right the first time.

    1. Well, nope. They indirectly stole from Apple, and they should deserve whatever comes to them. They should do some kind of test to prospective buyers before selling them an iPhone: “Have you, in the past, ever bought or used an Android/Samsung?” If the answer is yes, then no iPhone for you!

      1. Perhaps it’s a case of ignorance/naiveté rather than stupidity. Ignorance is simply being unaware. Stupidity is being unaware, being given the opportunity to become aware and rejecting it. Maybe they’ve been awakened to the reality of the superiority of the iPhone and have chosen to accept it. The stupid ones can (and will) stay where they are.

        1. themusicdoc…now there is a voice of reason! We need to stop labeling Android/Samsung users as stupid, and we need to eliminate the snobbish, elitist attitude foolishly promoted by MDN. Insulting people is not the way to win friends and influence people in a positive manner.

          This is very similar to the situation back in the Microsoft-Apple days of the 1980s and 1990s. Calling Wintel users stupid and telling them that they wasted their money on PC crap from Dell or HP was not an effective way to get people to switch. Instead, let them see you truly enjoying your computing experience on the Mac. Give them opportunities to try a Mac without any pressure. Let them decide for themselves that they are ready to make the financial and intellectual commitment to the Mac. Then you have a true switcher. Or, at least, you have a more informed Wintel user who made a personal choice to stay with Wintel, and that is fine. At least they were willing to try.

          If you attempt to forcibly convert people, then you create resentment. That negative attitude will lead them to exaggerate every perceived flaw (or difference) with the Mac and its OS. They will quickly build up a story about how they gave the Mac a shot, but Wintel is better. Then you have done two things: (1) created a poorly informed Wintel user who is even more convinced of the correctness of his/her computing platform choice (2) Created a poorly informed Wintel user who feels even more justified in dissing the Mac to his/her friends and family.

          Take the Wintel example and insert any other Apple device, such as the iPhone…it still applies. The old honey/vinegar saying is still sound wisdom.

    1. You don’t understand the clueless!

      I spoke with a woman friend the other day as she sat in her brand new Range Rover and proudly showed me her new Samsung.

      I noted the fire hazard & recall and she said, quote “Well my Samsung is just fine” (holding it up for me to see.)

  2. So now it is Apple’s FAULT? Just Un Fckin’ Believable.

    ——– https://www.yahoo.com/tech/exploding-galaxy-note-7-handsets-apparently-apple-fault-135731192.html

    Samsung has a little tiny $1 billion problem on its hands. In case you haven’t heard, Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone — which would otherwise be the most impressive phablet the world has ever seen — has a tendency to explode. A seemingly small number of the 2.5 million or so Galaxy Note 7 handsets that were built have problems with the battery. This problem, unfortunately, is a huge one that can cause the phones to explode while they’re charging. We’ve seen these Note 7 explosions destroy cars and even burn down a house, and Samsung had no choice but to issue a global recall as a result.

    Jesus Jumped Up Christ Help Us All. Pathetic.

    Well guess what: A new report now claims that Samsung’s exploding Galaxy Note 7 problem is actually kinda sorta Apple’s fault.

    1. Read the link….oh, boy. one commenter was just spewing bile and hate against apple. Here’s a sample of his diatribe about apple and the iphone:
      #5 It’s made by a lying, dishonest, unethical, cheating, stealing company.
      Ironic, isn’t it.

          1. If you click on my avatar, it will set you on the path to my Mac-Security blog. That in turn has links to some other stuff where I post. I generally haven’t been busy on the blog things because I’m writing other stuff and thankfully there haven’t been a lot of Mac security concerns for average users, my target audience. At some point I’ll have a website for that other stuff, but not yet.

            Thank you for your kind complement.

  3. I wonder how damaged their overall brand is. If Samsung Note customers are some of Samsung’s most loyal customers and 26% are now going with an iPhone, then what about all the other potential Samsung customers? Will some of them also go with an iPhone? 26% of all potential Samsung customers is around 20 million just in the December 2016 quarter. Even half of that would be significant.

    And what about all the other Android brands? The iPhone is perceived as a safe phone. Will some of these other potential Android customers think twice about buying a cheap Android phone that might explode in their child’s hands, cars, hotel rooms, garages, restaurants, groin areas?

    1. Fandroid are just too questionably intelligent to see the forest for the tree’s. They are blind loyalists and truly like their Gaagle/SamSplode torture in an S/M relationship, reminding me of that hazing initiation scene in Animal House as they are bent over – “THANK YOU SIR MAY WE HAVE ANOTHER!!”

  4. That is the way to welcome new Apple users: (quoted) “Just over a quarter of those who buy inferior wares from a South Korean dishwasher maker aren’t as stupid as the rest of those…”

    Welcome to ‘Apple world’, and your stupid.

    Perhaps we can insult new or potential Apple users a little less.

      1. Oops. You’ll be happy to know that you’re good at catching things that slip by me. I want to say it was a typo or autocorrect, but it is more likely a case of ‘muscle memory’ and not reviewing/proofreading when typing.

        Still, insulting people who may be making the switch is not what we should be doing. We should welcome them for seeing the light and joining the family.

  5. This is new:

    Samsung will keep sending warning messages to your recalled Galaxy Note 7 until you return it

    Samsung is issuing a software update to Galaxy Note 7 phones in the US this week that’ll warn you if you have a model affected by last week’s recall.

    That’s easy. ALL of them!

    The software update will display a green battery icon at the top of the Note 7’s screen if you’re using a model with a stable battery….

    Samsung also said in a statement Tuesday that it has shipped 500,000 Note 7 replacement units to the US. Last week, the company said most retailers will have functioning Note 7 replacement units by September 21.

    IOW: Right now it might a flip of a coin as to whether you’re buying a ‘stable’ Note 7 or an older UNstable Note 7. I say this because a Vodefone store in Australia was recently caught trying to sell UNstable Note 7s AFTER the recall had already been announced. Unscrupulous.

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